Tina and Auntie! My fantasies

Dear Friends,

I am completely fantasized about the desibaba's stories and thought that it was high time for me to narrate one of my true experiences. It all happened at my auntie’s place in Calcutta. My auntie is a sex bomb by herself, a woman of intrinsic beauty and a storehouse of infinite energy. My uncle was in Delhi and was scheduled to return a year later.

It was a Diwali night in Calcutta when I first found out what kind of things my auntie was into. It started out innocently enough with me taking a stroll around the neighborhood, while my auntie worked the night shift at the hospital. One of the last stops before getting back home was the house of a neighbour, named Tina I hadn't seen in nearly 2 years. She answered the door wearing some kind of genie costume. I asked her if she was going out to a party later, since she was in costume. She said, "No, my date stood me up." Tina must've been 18 by now and filled out beautifully. She had a youthful 36-25-34 figure with at least d-sized cups which I could see most of when she bent over to give out candy.

The image stuck in my mind for several minutes after I got back to my aunt’s home. After putting the kids to bed I decided to relax a little out on the deck by soaking in the jacuzzi. A few minutes later, I thought I heard a noise inside the house. I went inside, saw nothing and decided to pour myself a glass of wine to take back outside. All I could think about was what I wanted to do with those nice firm breasts I'd seen just minutes ago.

After soaking for another 10 minutes, I saw a light turn on in the kitchen. I figured it was my auntie getting home early, so I decided to just sit, close my eyes and fantasize about the neighbor girl for a few more minutes. I heard footsteps come outside to the deck, and without opening my eyes or thinking I said, "Come on in, clothing is optional." The next thing I knew I was being embraced from behind and an unfamiliar pair of lips were pressing against mine. I opened my eyes to see Tina, my latest fantasy girl!

The next thing I did was grab her hard and kiss her the way I had just been dreaming about doing in my fantasy. I couldn't stick my tongue deep enough into her mouth! My hand went right to her top and inside to feel her firm round breasts. I couldn't get enough of this hot little babysitter. After a couple minutes of manhandling her breasts I decided to pull her completely into the hot tub, costume and all. Tina didn't seem to know what to think or do, but she kept kissing me hard and sticking her tongue deeply back into my mouth. I sensed a bit of inexperience, so I put her hand down my trunks until she grabbed hard onto my cock. By now, I had her top pulled up over her head as my mouth started the assault on her breasts. I never had sucked on a breast as succulent as Tina's. Her nipples were huge as I took turns sucking them as far into my mouth as they would go. Tina would moan a little louder every time one her breasts went deeper into my mouth.

After several minutes I started to take things even more into my own hands. I ordered my little genie to remove the bottom of her costume and throw it outside the hot tub. Next, I told her to put her hands on the deck and face away from me. She looked a little scared not knowing what was going to come next. I approached her from behind, first cupping those magnificient mammaries, then pressing my 8 inches of manhood up against her. A couple of soft moans came out of my naked teenage neighbor as I kept rubbing myself over her now-moistening lips and teasing her between her curvaceous cheeks. She truly didn't know what I was going to do to her next. In one quick thrust I put at least 6 inches of pleasure into her hot little pussy making a low scream come out of her mouth. I kept pumping her a little harder every time I thrusted into her. She could barely take all of me but after only a few minutes, I could tell she was ready to be taken all the way. I picked up the pace, oblivious to anything around us.

Suddenly, as I heard my young sex toy start repeating over and over again, "Oh yes, yes, yes," I looked up for a moment and saw my beautiful auntie standing over us with a very stern look on her face. I stopped pumping my cock into Tina's tight little cunt, scared that everything I worked hard for my whole life would be gone.

Then, my auntie pulled Tina's head up by her sandy colored hair and demanded from Tina, "Why are you here fucking my nephew in my house!"

Tina replied, "I'm sorry, it just sort of happened."

Then my auntie made a 90 degree turn. She started barking out statements and commands. The first thing she did was to put her petite body in front of Tina's face, then she pulled up her saree to reveal her freshly shaved, bare pussy. She then pulled the teenagers face hard against her own pussy and ordered the sixteen year old to start eating her right now or she'd tell her parents what happened. My little sex fantasy did just what she was told, then my lovely strawberry sexy auntie started moaning like a cat in heat. She paused for a moment to look at me. My cock was even harder and still buried several inches into the tightest pussy I've had in years. She then told me to start pounding this bad girl even harder. I took that as an order and returned to trying to take Tina into an incredible state of orgasm. After a few minutes, Tina started to moan softly into my auntie's cunt. At this point I thought everything was going to be perfect.

Suddenly, my auntie yelled out to me, "Hey, what are you doing fucking this little slut in the pussy, when she likes it in the ass." I was confused, but then followed my auntie's commands. I'd never in a million years thought I would ever get to fuck my auntie in the ass, and here I was now being ordered by her to fuck Tina while Tina ate her out. Within a few minutes all three of us were moaning out of control. Hearing my auntie scream louder than ever before as she was getting licked hard by this little hottie was all I could stand. With one final, deep thrust I gave Tina several ounces of my best juices into her tight little ass.

Nearly half an hour had passed when the two ladies finally got tired of resting on the deck. They got up, took me by the hand and led me to our bedroom. Inside, these two lovelys put on a show for me for next couple of hours. My auntie couldn't say enough about how much she loved tasting this little pink pussy, especially with a slight hint of my juices still inside. They finished the show by taking turns pumping my shaft into each others' mouths. I came profusely into Tina's mouth while my auntie pumped my shaft and stuck her tongue into my moaning mouth.

We have since started to plan other little fantasies involving Tina and anyone else we thought we get into bed with. I never did find out how long she had been doing our lovely little neighbor, but I am one very lucky guy.


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