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Hi readers this is Mahesh from Mumbai thanks mere pahale stories ko aapane bahot pyar diya sms kiye thank very much I Ammahesh 25 male have my own business I will always on tour mostly Mumbai Pune nashik hyd & rest of Maharashtra. I have come back with another story of mine One day I got an Email from Mr. Shashikant saying that he needed call boy service for her wife. I got the mail verified and we met at place and he took me to his house in his car. We reached the home and it was very big, He rang the door bell and a whitish but sexy female dressed in a blue Saree opened the door and welcomed us inside we sat on the sofa and Shashikant introduced her as his wife and said that her wife wants to be fucked by someone young and with a big cock that’s why he has hired me and he is also interested to see her wife get screwed by a someone else. The female was constantly staring at my dick. I was in a trance since this was the first time I was been hired by the husband itself then he asked me are u ready I said I m always ready as soon as she heard this word she stood up and came near me and took my hand and kept on her boobs they were huge I could not hold it with my hand and she looked and smiled at her hubby then I stood up and removed her Saree and she was now only with her skirt and blouse I started to massage her boobs slowly and she closed her eyes and started to moan slowly Hmmmmm Ohhhh.

Then placed a kiss on her lips and sucked her lips at the same time still gently massaging her boobs and let our saliva exchange in our mouths and then turned her towards her hubby and I stood back of her and started to kiss her neck and slowly bite her ears and she made a sound ouch. I undressed myself and she also started to undress and she removed her bra also and stood with only on with white panties and her hubby had removed his cock out and it was around 5 inches only and very thin was stroking it... So now I went in front and caught hold both of her boobs and licked her right nipple with my tongue and made circles around her areola and her nipples began to grow as long as an inch and then put her sweet brown nipple in my mouth and sucked her milk jugs. She was moaning loudly in front of her hubby Ohhhh slowly please slowly Oooo maaa ohh maaa and I was also caressing her ass and then I changed the side and continued with the other the same thing I sucked her breast for about 10 minutes each and then and then pushed her on the sofa and remove her panties her pussy was neatly shaven and very cute looking pussy with a brown upper lips and very pink inner lips and completely wet and her juices had dripped down till her as hole I kissed on her left thigh first and then on her right and then licked all the left juices that were dripped on her thighs and slowly moved up till I reached her crotch.

Gently placed a kiss on her pussy and her body and she started to shiver and I looked at her hubby her hubby had already had an orgasm and his face had all become red and then I began to continue my work I licked the pussy for about five times like a dog. She was really enjoying it and making sounds ohhhhh maaa stop killing me please and then I opened her pussy and began to eat her wet and juicy pussy and within minutes with a loud noise ahhhhhh she chummed directly on my face and she looked at me and said this was her life’s first orgasm. And I licked her pussy dry and then stood up and asked her to blow me she took my penis which was about 7 inch and she kneeled down and she put my dick in her mouth and started to suck it and she was very good at sucking cock she sucked me for about 10 minutes and asked her to let go or I will cut in her mouth, she did not bother with a scream I chummed directly into her mouth and her mouth was filled with my cum and she opened her mouth and showed the cum in her mouth to her hubby and swallowed it. And then again I moved down to her pussy and opened the hood covering her clit and concentrated on the clit and I continued to suck it.

She was enjoying and at the same time begging at me and crying to stop but I continued to suck her clit till she chummed once again and then I took my dick and placed it near her pussy and slapped at her pussy she begged me to fuck her but I was still teasing her then I took the tip of my cock and gently rubbed it against her clit and to my surprise within seconds she chummed again. And now it was time to make her scream so slowly I pushed my cock two inch inside her pussy she screamed loudly in pain saying me to stop and that she can’t take any more inside because it was very big for her so I removed it and then fingered her pussy for some time and then pushed again with a full thrust and she screamed ohh maaaaaaaaa and it went completely inside and I moveda my dick slowly in and out and now she began to like the size so I slowly increased my speed and I banged her for about 10 minutes and both of us were making noises and that too in front of her hubby and then I removed my cock out from her pussy and put in her mouth for a min and then told her to ride me.

So I got up and sat on the sofa and made her sit on my lap and pushed my dick inside her hole and rode me like a horse and finally I cummed in her pussy itself her pussy was completely filled with my pussy and then I stood up and she was lying on the sofa and her hubby came near her and licked her pussy with my cum dripping from it and then he put his cock inside her and then he banged her and within a few minutes he cummed inside her and then I got dressed up and she said she had a wonderful fuck and I asked the couple were they satisfied and they said yes very much, because satisfaction is very important to me and they paid me cash and they said I do more work and I charge very little I laughed and then left for home and they had called me again for several more sessions and thank you for reading my life stories and please rate my story and if any comments or any females, couples, widows want to contact me for real fun or satisfaction (100%) mail with your details to Females don’t hesitate.

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Hi this is Raja again. Raja Roy after reading the story with Mrs. Chatterjee in Ballygunge this is another one from my treasured bag of greatest encounters in my life. I am a engineer by profession and this is what happened with me during my first job about 5 years ago when I was in Poona. After finishing my engineering I joined a company. I am an electrical engineer and my company bagged a contract to make a sub-station in a small town. Since the nature of contract was not very big, I was made the site engineer and overseer by the company. This small town was about six hours drive from Poona and was very picturesque. Nestled between the hills there were a few temples nearby. All these temples were very popular and these temples were quite near to the construction site (The farthest of these temples was about 25 kms.) The town was dead in all respects. There was a small state PWD guest house, two small restraints and a small market place where basic necessities were available. It also had a ramshackle cinema hall and I used to loathe going to that cinema hall as it was quite filthy. The only source of entertainment was my TV and my VCP.

The only good thing was that in this town, as expected, there was a roaring business of pornographic VHS cassettes and to ease away my frustration I used to regularly hire pornographic cassettes and watch them in my room. As regards to my room, it was a decent sized room with an attached bathroom and a small kitchen. My room was also the site office and during the day time, I used to be very careful in hiding and locking up these pornographic cassettes. Once in a while, the senior engineers used to come down to the site office from Poona to take stock of the progress of the sub-station. Also, at times, I too would go to Poona to brief my company. It was an enjoyable life and I had developed friendship with almost everybody in the town. Once my General Manager had come down to visit the site. He was a nice man and had a son about 8 years old. His son was studying in a boarding school in Mahabaleshwar. He informed me that next time I came to Poona, he wanted me to escort his wife and show her the temples around the town. I told him that I would speak to the PWD guys and try and arrange accommodation for his wife as this guest house had a cook too.

It was not very difficult to arrange accommodation in the PWD guest house. It so happened that I was to go to Poona on a Saturday and after that there were two holidays on Monday and Tuesday. So all the laborers had a 3 day off I took this as an opportunity to show the General Managers wife around the temple. I told him that his wife, if interested, could come along with me and spend two days in the site and visit the temples. He spoke to his wife from his office and she agreed. He said that I could accompany her in his car as she knew driving and after the visit it would be convenient for her to drive back. I had very few options other than agree to my Boss. At about 1130 in the morning she came to the office. I met her. She was around 32, fair, pleasantly plump (not fat but neither slim) and pretty. What actually made her attractive were her breasts. They were large and firm and I had to control myself so as not to stare at them. Also she was wearing a low neck blouse and her cleavage was there for anybody to stare at. My GM introduced me to her. Her name was Rekha.

Rekha said that since we have a long way to drive, we better start. So I got into the car in front next to her. We set off at a good speed to the site office. While she was driving the car we got chatting. She was humorous person and seemed to be good natured. We kept talking about the latest movies, life in the small town of the site office and this and that. In between we stopped at a small town and had lunch. After lunch I offered to drive the car and she readily agreed. She sat beside me and I started driving. After lunch she must have felt drowsy because she dosed off and her saree pallu fell down her breasts. I was now really enjoying the view of her cleavage. Her blouse seemed to be fitting her perfectly as I could make out the faint outlines of her nipples. Seeing her cleavage gave me a real hard on. After about a while she got up from her slumber and noticed that her pallu had fallen to her laps. Carelessly she threw her pallu over her shoulders and started chatting with me. But now her pallu was not covering her blouse completely and she offered a beautiful view of her firm breasts.

It was an interesting journey back as we both were joking. She also asked me not to call her as Mrs.? But call her Rekha. After reaching the site office, I took Rekha to the guest house. It was a tiring drive and the road was dusty. Rekha told me that she would refresh herself and then have dinner. She told me that she normally has dinner at 9 PM and also asked me to be with her for dinner. I told the guest house in charge to make dinner for two of us. I told Rekha that I too would go and refresh myself and that I would return back at 9 PM for dinner. It was about 6.30 PM. On my way back to the site office, I met one of the electricity board officials and I spent about 45 minutes with him before I reached the site office. After having bath I got ready and walked down to the Guest house for dinner. Now the guest house being small, the food was served in the room. When I reached Rekha room, she too had bathed and was wearing a long skirt and a loose T Shirt. The cook brought the dinner at sharp 9 PM and said that after we had dinner, the chowkidar would clean up the room.

Rekha asked the cook that was it possible to get coffee after Dinner? The cook told her that he would prepare a flask of coffee and leave it. After that we started having dinner. We both were hungry and both of us had a hearty meal. Surprisingly, the cook had really prepared a tasty dinner. After dinner, the chowkidar cleared up the place and Rekha told him to collect the flask next day morning. After dinner we sat and were sipping our coffee. I was explaining to her about the various temples location in order to chalk out a program for her to see all the temples. While discussing this with her, I noticed that she had pulled up her legs on to the sofa and was sitting in a relaxed manner. Whilst discussing the program her skirt had ridden over her knees. Finally we decided that we would visit two temples tomorrow and return back by the evening. After that we started having some more coffee. She was sitting opposite me and had now casually slung one of legs over the sofa. From my position, I could see up her legs and I noticed that she was stark naked below her skirt and her pussy was clearly visible.

It was a black hairy pussy and since it was not the first time I was seeing a real pussy of a grown up lady, my eyes were riveted on her pussy. I must have been really staring when I heard her say? Like what you see??As soon as I heard this, I pulled my eyes away and started staring at my shoes. My face had really become red.?Hey, did you like what you saw? In embarrassment I muttered? Uh Uh? ‘So you like to see what’s between my legs?’ I blushed. See? That was an understatement I wanted to fuck her. ‘Okay, put your hands on my knees, and just pull them apart but promise that it’s only that you want to see and no more’ I blushed. She smiled as I knelt before her and slowly pulled her legs apart from each other ‘remember Kapil no more other than seeing’ through the widening V, I gradually saw more of her pussy up close. It was a round mound with curly hair I now had spread her legs as far apart as they would go and was intently staring up her crotch. Cautiously, I moved my fingers towards her labial lips up her thighs. As I reached the first coils of pubic hair, I could feel the heat emanating from it.

She had a plump pussy and large labial lips which were swollen and thick. The large swollen labial lips seemed to have caught my fancy. ‘Warm,’ I said. My fingertips came into contact with the hot flesh. Gingerly I felt her swollen spongy labial lips and brushed them up and down and was running my middle finger up and down her slit very tenderly. I heard her moaning softly. I was running my fingers around her swollen labia lips and was tenderly squeezing her labial lips with my fingers. Gingerly I parted the lips with fingers of both my hands and was looking inside intently. ‘Squeeze it now. Go on, you won’t break it.’ I pushed my hand back on it. And with my two fingers started squeezing her labial lips. I was gently and tenderly massaging her clit between my thumb and fore finger. ? Ahhhhhhhhhh? She started moaning and involuntarily she caught one of my hands and placed it on her breasts. I noticed a trickle of liquid dribble down from between the crack. I brought my other hand up and pushed both sides of her swollen labial lips away with my thumbs. I marveled at the concentric folds of glistening skin.

‘Oh, that’s wonderful. I can feel your breath. Go ahead, feel it, insert your fingers and feel me’ she said, as if reading her mind I stuck a finger into the hot wetness. It was soft, yielding, inviting. She twitched as I moved my finger around. In and out I thrust my finger tenderly. ‘Like that’ she said. ‘’s so warm and smooth.’ I said by now I was finger fucking her steadily. In turn she was feeling my cock covered by my jeans and was steadily massaging the meat between my legs. ‘Why don’t you take my clothes off now?’ she said I leaned back, my eyes still fixated on her. I started to unbutton her shirt, hesitant under her expectant eyes. Her nipples were hard and were thrusting against the shirt. After that came off, I slid off her skirt. I stood up to unbutton my jeans and then those too were on the floor. She gasped when she saw me in my underwear. There was a real huge bulge between my legs. In voluntarily she stroked the bulge. ‘It’s evident you have some magnificent machinery here’ she said and gently squeezed my penis. She pulled my underwear off and gasped. There was my semi turgid penis seven inches long and about an inch and half thick hanging between my legs.

She gave it a couple experimental rubs. ‘Lovely,’ she said, and then kissed it on the tip. Just holding on to his magnificent penis and driven by natural urge made my penis hard and erect? About nine inches long and 2 inches thick. Suddenly and instinctively I pulled her up towards me. Looking at her, I smiled as I made my way up to her mouth. My hands glided over her hips and down to her inner thighs, separating them. Pulling her closer to me, I kissed her mouth deeply with a lot of tongue and pressed my hips into her crotch. Slowly I walked her to the bed and sat down on it and pushed my head into her crotch and pressed my mouth into her cunt. I was now licking her pussy. Feeling my tongue probing and licking the inner folds of her pussy sent shockwaves of pleasure through her body. I flicked my tongue over her swollen clit, my fingers spreading her swollen cunt lips wide. My tongue made long licks from her clit to the entrance of her pussy. Moving against me, her hands on the back of the bed, I let myself give into her feelings that I was arousing in her. Slowly she pulled my hands to her pussy and inserted my middle finger into her cunt goaded me to finger fuck her.

As my finger entered in her pussy, she gasped. Rocking back and forth against my lips, my finger fucking and sucking of her clit, she moaned deeply. “Dear, suck my clit? Suck it hard! Please!” I closed my lips around her clit, and started sucking on the tender flesh as I inserted another finger into her pussy. Moving almost frantically now, she grasped the headboard, her thighs squeezing my head. “Yes, darling yes! Oh, don’t stop!” I sucked at her clit even harder as she orgasmic, causing her body to stiffen slightly before moving against my lips and tongue. Arching her back, shaking and shivering, she groaned softly. Though over within seconds, it seemed to last minutes, before her body left my mouth. Lifting up slightly, breathing hard, I pulled on her hips, and made her lie down pulling her legs upwards and forwards into a V. Laughing, she broke free of my grasp, and bent forward to kiss me, sharing the taste of her juices on our tongues. ‘Honey, there is so much to enjoy, you know. Come you are to enjoy. Come on?? She said.

For an answer, her lips found mine, our tongues danced together. She reached down my body, finding my erection hard, stiff & throbbing. Following the veins with her fingers, I felt her jerk and move my foreskin on the penis head, and heard her moan. Slowly parting from our kiss, I look down at her and smiled. I felt her hands moving over my body as though she was trying to memorize it. She began to run my hand along my stiff penis. ‘Oh, my God!’ she gasped! ‘Is it big enough for you?’ I asked. ‘Oh, Gawd’ she exclaimed. ‘Big? It’s gigantic!’ I pressed her on her back flat onto the bed and held her firmly in with my hands. I placed my knees between her knees and parted them. Her pussy was glistening by now from all the juices and I started to finger her. Her body shivered as I straddled her through the? V? And placed the head of my cock on her pussy. With a gentle thrust of my hips my cock head split her cunt lips and slipped into her cunt. ‘I’m scared that it’s too goddamned big for me!’ she said while she caught my penis and started pulling my hot meat into her cunt. ‘Don’t worry, i’ll be gentle with you’ I whispered.

I started easing my rod into her pussy, hesitated as she moaned and thrust it in slowly and hesitantly. ‘Awwwwweeee’ she moaned in pain. But the pleasure of my thick hard mushroom head inside her warm stretched cunt was just too much and impelled with natural instinct I started thrusting my penis in her cunt. ‘No darling a? Stop. aaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeee’ she cried out in pain. ? No? It’s too big for me? It’s splitting me.its paining a lot? Stop? Stop? She cried out. That did not stop me. There was no way that after coming so far, I would definitely insert my penis fully into the place where nature intended it to be. I held her firmly and was steadily pushing my cock in. She tried to push me off but I was steadily thrusting my penis and probably she too liked feeling of the swollen hot meat filling up her vagina and sliding against her clit till I felt my balls slapping her arse. She embraced me and clung on to me. ‘Please? Let it be there for some time.want to get used to it she said she was now groaning with lust. It was a highly erotic feeling of my penis buried deep in her warm cunt.

She was enjoying it. After about half a minute of enjoying the pleasurable warmth of her velvety cunt clinging on to my penis? I could wait no more and started sliding my penis in and out of her cunt.
‘No no? Please.fuck me? Fuck me hard she screamed. I started thrusting my cock in and out of her cunt fucking her steadily. She was now moaning? It’s too big, you’ll split me? She screamed in pain. But by now I was like a possessed man. Without heading to her pleadings, impelled by nature I was now fucking her earnestly. In and out I thrust my penis. My hands had left her hips and were now massaging her breasts roughly. ‘Yes? Dear? She said. I was immensely enjoying it. I did not care for her pleadings but started pummeling my shaft powerfully into her cunt like a piston rod. My hands were mercilessly squeezing her breasts. She was now moaning softly ‘Oooh, it feels so good? Yes.fuck me? Fuck me? Hard?!’ she groaned. She started to scream with wanton lust and her body bucked and bucked! My hands left her breasts and grabbed her hips and I started to push and pull her on and off my rod.

She grabbed my shoulders and held on as I pummeled my penis deeper and deeper into her stretched pussy! The pain made tears stream down her eyes she let go of me and clutched the mattress tighter and tighter like she was holding on for dear life! “Fuck me? Fuck me fuck! Harder? Faster? Yes” she screamed, tears in her eyes. By now i was fucking her earnestly and i could feel my penis rubbing her clit. “Yeah baby.go on? Don’t stop? Harder? Harder.cum in me” she was screaming. Suddenly I stiffened and moaned ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAA AGG GGGGG GGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ and erupted my hot load deep into her cunt. My thick warm virginal cum was shooting deep into her cunt. Wads and wads of thick warm cum pumped into her vagina. I collapsed on her breasts with my penis buried in her cunt, my cum dribbling out from her vagina running down our entangled thighs. I was perspiring and hugged her tight. She kissed me hard? Tears in her what a fuck I had. She liked me lying on her? My penis buried deep in her cunt and filling it up. Like a possessed man I kissed her with wanton lust hugging her tightly. After some time I felt my penis swelling and getting hard inside her cunt. Shyly, I asked her if I could do it again.

She smiled at me and said go on baby? Does it as many times as you want’? He smiled at me. ‘But now baby? It will be my way’ she said. She quickly turned over and got on fours on the floor and thrust her bottoms out presenting her hairy pussy to me. ‘Go on? Take me? Fuck my cunt from behind like a dog ‘She said. I grabbed her hips and held her by her waist. I positioned my cock head near swollen cunt lips and rubbed my cock head along the slit up and down. With a powerful lunge I thrust my penis into her cunt. I moaned out loudly in and erotic pleasure as I felt my thick long penis forcing its way into her cunt. She got silent and then started panting wildly as I held her hips and was pummeling my penis into her cunt? Long slow powerful thrusts. I had complete control of her entire body now and was fucking steadily. My arms were now around her back and were squeezing her nipples gently. She let out little moans as the fucking became more and more furious. Her moans became screams, louder and louder. Her tits bounced up and down with every up-thrust of my dick. ‘Oh my god! It’s so big!! Fuck me, fuck me!’ I then pushed her forward onto her huge heaving breasts, propped her ass on top of a pillow and began to go to fuck her earnestly.

I was like a man possessed. I shoved the entire length of my cock into her time and again ramming my hard rod deep into her. Thrusting in and out non-stop. All the time she screamed for more. I was now brutally squeezing her nipples and the pain of the nipples coupled with the pain of her stretched cunt made her buck into my thrusts. I felt the familiar stirring in my cock and I was about to cum. I grabbed her hard and thrust deeply into her right up to my balls. I felt the familiar ripple and shot my warm cum all into her. ‘Aaaaaaagg ggggggg ggghhhhhhhh’ she moaned out in pleasure. I could feel her cunt clasp tightly on my cock and she was moving her hips trying to milk out all my cum. I collapsed onto her back on the bed. After a while I rolled off her and kissed her. She smiled at me and was gently running her hands across my chest. Thank you Rekha I said thank you for what?? She asked. Thank you. Being alone over here really drives me crazy with no sex life? I said it’s the other way around. I must thank you. She said. It’s almost after three months that I have had a fuck. Rekha said and for that I must thank you. My husband, your GM is not really interested in sex.

All he thinks about is work and work. Rekha said .After I gave birth to our son mind you it was three years after our marriage he seemed to be just not bothered about sex she continued. And I am by nature get aroused quickly and need sex. Rekha said. How do you manage to have sex?? I asked. ? Quietly with a few college boyfriends of mine mind you very discretely. Rekha said. My husband knows about this and is not too worried about it...that’s why he sent my son to boarding school so that I could satisfy myself in his absence when he is out on business visits Rekha said. That why he had no hesitation when I asked him to visit these temples? Rekha said. By now Rekha was gently massaging my penis and it had started to grow hard. I said? I think I should leave or else we may get delayed in seeing the temples around the town tomorrow? She started laughing and said .You really is innocent? After telling you all this? Do you think I am interested in seeing the temples? Do you think I came all the way from Poona to see the temples? This is the temple I want you to devote yourself to?

Saying this Rekha grabbed my head and thrust it into her crotch Go on suck me fuck me offer your penis? She said for the next two days, I want you to fuck me thoroughly devote your time to this temple Rekha said as she thrust her crotch into my face. I looked at her naked hairy swollen pussy. I was amazed at the size to which her cunt lips were swollen. I parted her chubby swollen labial lips and saw her pinkish purple engorged clit. It seemed larger than the last time. I kissed her clit and sucked it and gently bit it teasingly and then looked at her face. What I saw was a carnal animalistic _expression of wanting to be fucked once more? That too urgently. Rising from the bed, I knelt between her legs and placed my mouth on her pussy, slowly, savoring every moment, and enjoying the sweet smell. I licked her pussy from end to end, and then I probed my tongue into her hole, lapping at her flowing juices mixed with my cum. Raising a hand I found her clit with my thumb and began squeezing it.

Rekha moaned gently and thrust her pussy tight to my mouth, one of her hands falling to the back of my head to hold me in place as licked her to a climax. I now started finger fucking her. Standing up a number of minutes later there was no hesitation in my actions as I eased my swollen penis into to her eager pussy and slid its full length into her. Rekha gasped in pain into another orgasm as I began to pump into her, my movements hard and fast, she fell back on the bed as I fucked her, her moans, groans and sighs echoing around the room. ‘Faster? Yes...yes? Harder? Faster? Yes yes? Fuck me harder? Harder? Yes? Yes cum in me? Fill my thirsty cunt with your cum?’ and when I eventually thrust into her and filled her with my hot juices Rekha cried out. After a few more thrusts I pulled my satiated cock from her pussy and stepped back to gaze at her, she lay quivering, my juices just starting to seep from her pussy, then she shuddered and sat up.

Rekha hungrily parted my legs and started licking my penis indeed chomping at the bit; immediately I reached for her and she grabbed my arm possessively and almost dragged me on to bed again. She sat up, leant over and sucked my prick. Groaning with pleasure I reached out and found her clit and while she sucked me back to erection I fingered her to distraction, once again Rekha moved to fuck me as soon as she was sure my tool would stay hard, but this time I was going to be in control. Surging to my feet I grabbed Rekha around the waist and moved her onto her hands and knees, with one hard thrust I entered her from behind, one hand squeezing her nipples while the other teased her clit. Soon she was climaxing, her body bucking against me as I pounded my dick into her mercilessly, her cries loud and exciting as they echoed around the bed room. ‘Take it Rekha? I’ll fuck you real hard’. I let go of her breasts and grabbed her hips, held her firmly by her waist and started pounding my penis into her? Short and extremely powerful thrusts. I grabbed her breasts from behind and was mercilessly squeezing her nipples by now she was screaming hard. I kept pounding into her cunt ruthlessly and mercilessly. Tears were now streaming down Rekha’s eyes.

With a last thrust I buried my prick and groaned as my pulsating penis sprayed my cum deep inside her pussy, for a moment I remained still, and then began to once more pump into her. A few minutes later I pulled my shrinking prick from her pussy and stood there panting, Rekha collapsed as I withdrew from her to lie shuddering on the floor, and gently I reached down and helped her to her feet. ‘Oooh Honey? You are really nice? Really wonderful in fucking? That was really a mind shattering one’ she said. She grabbed my face and kissed me deeply and hugged me with her pelvis thrusting into my crotch. I held her breasts and started kneading them softly. She now buried her face into my chest and started moaning softly. With her hands she massaged my penis. It slowly started swelling up. I could feel Rekha trying to thrust it in her pussy. I started fondling her ample sized breasts and gently squeezed her bullet hard nipples. She let out long, soft whispering pants and closed her eyes tightly. I grabbed her thin waist and pushed her pelvis to meet my waiting cock. She in turn thrust her hips out to facilitate entry of the giant cock-head. The head of my cock seemed abnormally big compared to the girth of my shaft.

I had an incredible view of the engorged head resting on her small gleaming swollen pussy lips. Rekha pushed her hands into my armpits and pulled me into her. She let out a loud gasp and then breathed in deeply. I could tell that she orgasmic immediately by the way her entire body quaked. She slumped onto my chest with her long straight hair under my chin. My shaft bowed as it had a hard time continuing into her. I reached down with my hands and adjusted my penis and forced it in deeper. Rekha reared her head back and began to shift her body back and forth on my dick. Once she had allowed it to enter her she started riding it and riding it hard! She grabbed my sides and forced my penis in her more. She was now on all fours with her hands clutching the bed. I was slamming my penis into her hot cunt crazily from the doggie style position. Rekha shook her head wildly causing her hair to flail about. She groaned and breathed loudly. Her face grimaced and her jaw dropped. She looked like she couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Her grip on the bed slipped and her face plowed into the mattress of the bed. She didn’t seem to care and it muffled her screams of pleasure.

I got up from my knees and squatted behind her. I grabbed her waist and lifted her body to my dick. I was holding her now by the waist and lifting her off the bed. I thrust my cock into her with merciless violent force causing Rekha to scream. I grunted and moaned as I readied him to come. I grabbed her and hugged her. I rammed my cock in her deep as I came ‘aaaaaagggggggghhhhhh’ I moaned as my warm wads of cum sprayed deep in her vagina. We hugged each other tightly and after some time laid down in each other’s arms and started the downward spiral toward sleep. For the next two days it was plain simple fucking all day and night. Rekha and I really fucked the hell out of each other. When she left she said? Make trips to Poona when your GM is not there in Poona come and fuck me? Please if you like the story and if you need any type of service from me please email at I am in Kolkata now a days.

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My name is sweet guy. I'm a guy aged 26 years and. I am from Delhi Having a ok figure I do have a good 7" tools under my underwear. Therefore I decide to tell you a very truly incident, which I can't forget ever. This is not any kind of great work or contribution story; in fact it's a great sex story. I live Delhi. Beside our house a man stays with his wife and only one daughter. Uncle, as he is neighbor of me and called his wife aunty. I always like the aunt very much. She does have a huge pair tits and a round, heavy ass, she is 36 years of old and her daughter is also very sexy reading 1st year in college. She also is having good shaped tits and short good figure. I always use to look at aunt's body whenever got time and often masturbated by thinking of her. She is really a sexy bitch. However I went for inviting them for some party in our house. Actually they all come in our house at any occasion.

On the way of my friend's house I'd invite them. Very honestly I can say till then I didn't know what is waiting for me, in fact I was more eager to go at my friend's place. I go to their house and knock at the door but no answers from inside. Suddenly after some heavy knock the door has opened in fact it was closed but not locked from inside. Anyway I enter inside go upstairs where they stay and called aunty and suddenly there was a response from my sexy aunty that please sit on the sofa and read some mags because she is taking bath. . Anyway I was reading the mags. After sometime aunty has come wearing a rose night and it was slip less and silky that I can look at all the inner part of my sexy aunty. I was really in hurry and just told her to come at our house for the party and ready to leave the place but she told me to take some food. She was requesting as such way that I couldn't able to refuse her proposal.

She called me in her room and she was combing her hair and the back of the got wet by the wet hair and I clearly seen that she was in white bra and with panty and nothing else. Looking at that my cock got thicker and bolder and there is a tent on my pant and forgetting everything I was watching 9th wonder in front of me. As she was talking about various but I was so amazed there I can't even reply her any question and she looks backs at me and smiles naughtily. And she asks me what happened to you? Ohhhh God I feel so ashamed of that but she told me to relax. She asked me "am I looking good? I said, yes very good. Then she asks, "Am I looking sexy? By hearing that I was totally shocked and got per pirated but told her, yes looking so-so sexy.

She goes to the door and closed it but not locked and come at me started hugging and kissing me. I also started to kiss her lips passionately. I drive my right hand down to her boobs which I touched lot more times in my dream and started pressing it. She got aroused fully by that and she told me to take off her nighty. Kisssing her red lips very passionately and then disclose her night. OHHHH What a sexy body this is!!! Now she is only with her bra and panty. I was kissing her from head to toe. AS she started moaning, she opened my shirt and pant hurrily and then I unhooked her bra and kissed lot to her back. Her huge pair of voluptuaries' hooters is in front of me and I asked her size of it. She told 40d. Can you believe it? I was squeezing her tits and nipples are got red by squeezing. She was moaning like that aaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhhh oooooofffffffffffff suck me off. Suck my melons I love you. I was so aroused and then I opened her panty so hurrily that it produces some noise.
Then I was on her belly circling her navel and she pressed my head so firmly. After that I come down to her red pussy and it was wet enough by then. I started to lick her juice and insert my tongue into her pussy. Now she was moaning like a hell. Aaaahhhh hhhhhhoooooooo ffffffffffffffff oooooooooooo hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my husband is really done nothing to me and myself is dying for some fuck!!!!!! Oh god you are great, fuck me, suck me, and tear me. Aaaaaaaaahh hhhhhhhh hhhhhhhaaaaa aaaooooooooooooooo mmm appadithan nalla kuthu vidathe mmmmmm. I was fucking her pussy by my tongue like a mad and it was too hot she pressed my head towards her pussy and I was taking smell of her fanatic pussy. Suddenly her head get leaned back and lips of her pussyfoot tensed and she was moaning louder she has cummed in my mouth and I drank it all uuuuuummm mmmmmmm what a taste!!!!! By then my cock got 7" might be in height and thicker too as urging her to suck my cock. I laid on the back on the bed and she open-end my inner and started to play with my huge cock.

Pinching on my red cap, licking the balls and kissing the cock very affectionately. Then suddenly she gulped my cock and started to suck it was my very first experience and fucking. Anyway I was moaning a lot and caught her long hair firmly as she was doing up and down her head madly. OOOOOOO hhhhhhhhhhhh great feeling. As her sucking getting so fast and was about to unload she placed my cock to her boobs and cum to the boobs and she lick it by sucking her own boobs. I ask her what the taste of it? She says it's delicious. Now is the time for final round. As I am very new on that job so I told her to sit on my cock and fuck me off. She obeyed my order like sex slave and she gone up to my thigh and sit there by directing my huge cock which is lubricated by its own juice to her red hole and it hurts me a lot for its virginity and her hole is well shaped and spread a little.

She started to fuck me and she is moving up and down slowly and her huge melons were bouncing like a restless football. Now I am feeling so good that I forget my all the pain and I am moving my hips from bottom with her rhythm. It is producing some great sound and we both breathing heavily. I was trying to touch her boobs and nipples and squeezing them and she was moaning now also. aaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaa hhhhhhh hhhhhhhh ooooooooo oooooooo hhhhhhhhhhhhh we were both moaning loudly and blap blap sound has aroused. Now she is moving very fast and I am watching how my cock has been eaten by that triangle. Her boobs were bouncing gorgeously and can you imagine that that 40d sized boobs are jumping in front of your face. I was really getting more and more mad and I pulled her boobs to my chest and she was kissing me a lot like lover. I was pressing her tits and sucking another. Her nipples were really big than normal sizeIn the meantime we both were ready for final finishing.

She then leaves my lips and ups again on my cock and started up and down very rapidly like vibrator machine. Oooooffffffffffff still I can't believe it! Now we both were got tensed and breathing heavily as we approaching unload by each other she was moaning very loudly and up and down her hips hugely as I also at the same rhythm with her. We both chummed and our tools have got a good bath of each other's cum. Now we have no power to get up, so we laid on the bed for a few minutes and in the middle of it she did a agreement with me that we haven't told that anybody. After that day we dint do any thing n i recently knew that she move to abroad. Any less satisfied girls, aunties and widows/divorcee living in delhi can contact me for sex at

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I am 30 years old very experienced 5 feet 4 inches, 60Kgs, strong built man from Pune. This is a true story I am telling you. I have a friend by name Ritesh. He is very thin and not very much athletic. We used to drink together many times after work and he used to go home drunk. One day he was too much high after a party and I took him to his home. His wife opened the door and all the effect of alcohol I had was gone in a second the moment I saw her. She was like an angel. Very smooth skin, big boobs, long hairs and sexy smile. Since Ritesh was fully out, I was holding him and taking him inside his bedroom. She was not surprised at the scene since she was used to it. That was the day I decided to fuck her. While I was going back after leaving him inside the bedroom I gave his wife a naughty smile which she responded very positively. After that day I talk to her couple of times over phone but never got any indications that she ever told about my phone calls to her to Ritesh. To cut the story short I made Ritesh to plan one drinking session at his home and he agreed. This was that fortunate Saturday when I reached his place and he was ready with lot of drinks. There was a live NBA basketball match that day. We kept chatting and drinking. I drink only beer and he was on whisky. His wife Shobhna was giving constant indications that she wanted something. After sometime he went to the toilet and I went straight to Shobhna. She was smelling great. Our eyes met and I caught her by her neck and kissed her passionately on her lips and licked her entire mouth. One of my hands was touching her tight firm boobs. She wanted all of me inside her but was afraid her hubby will be back. She pushed me back and said not right now wait a while. I went out of the kitchen and sat in front of the TV as if nothing happened.

After sometime we 3 were sitting on the dining table in such a way that Ritesh and Shobhna were sitting facing each other and I was sitting in the side. My legs were in between both of them. Suddenly I felt shobhna's legs touching mine. I was excited. I too started responding. I took my foot and placed on top of her foot and started moving upward. She was wearing a cotton saari and I kept moving my feet slowly up inside her saari. After a while I reached her ankle. My tool was very uncomfortable by this time. Suddenly Ritesh went to the toilet again since he was drinking a lot. I took this as golden opportunity and inserted my hand inside her saari and started feeling her soft inner thighs. Oh she started mooooaning... ah aha and started pulling my hand deeper inside. I made her to stand and I went down on my knees. I inserted both my hands inside her saari from down and took them right to her ass cheeks. I kissed and licked her naval and in one stretch I pulled her panties from inside her petticoat to her knees. She resisted saying "not right now". But I pulled them all together and took them out of her legs. I then stood up and raised the t-shirt I was wearing and put the panties inside my pants. I had a huge bulge in my pants. I made her to sit down on the chair and took my bulge in front of her face and pulled her face near my throbbing tool from inside my pants and made her to feel it all over her cheeks. She was aroused to the core, did not have panties inside her saari and had my tool right near her lips. Suddenly her husband came out of the toilet and we sat back in the same position he left us. Not knowing that his wife's panties are now inside my underwear, he started talking and drinking more alcohol. After some time and couple of more drinks he was not in condition to stand up by his own. I offered to give him help to get to the e sofa where he wanted to lay down. But he refused and fell down on the floor after taking 3-4 steps. I took him to the sofa and made him to sleep there. Shobhna was standing behind the sofa and watching everything. I came behind shobhna and touched her on her ass. She smiled and bent down to see how Ritesh was feeling from the back of the sofa.

I immediately sat down on the floor so that Ritesh could not see me and inserted my hand inside shobhna's saari from the bottom and started feeling her soft legs. She widened her legs in response and bent some more forward so that I could touch her clean shaven pussy from behind. Now I did the most daring things of all. I raised her petticoat and saari and inserted my face right inside them. The smell of her cunt was making me mad and I wanted to eat it all. After a while I stood up and she asked me to help her taking Ritesh to the bee d room which I did. I went outside the bedroom and waited for her to come out. My tool was throbbing by this time. She came out and I hugged her and touched my bulge on her body. She told me to wait until she confirms that her husband is deep asleep and went inside the bedroom again. This time she switched off all the lights in the living hall and kitchen. The only light on was night lamp in her bedroom. I was waiting outside the bedroom and watching her from outside. She opened the closet and took out her night. She started removing her saari and I was thrilled to watch her go naked. She removed her petticoat and blouse too. Now she was only in bra since I had her panties in my pants. To my surprise she removed her bra too and was completely nude standing just steps away from me. Her tits were dark and round. She was kind of teasing me raising her hands, touching her breasts, showing all her curves and peeping towards b e d to see her husband sleep. After 5-7 minutes of show she put only one cotton night and came out of the bedroom after confirming that her husband was fast asleep.

Now it was my turn to tease her and take revenge. I took her to the living hall in a dark corner and lifted her night and took it out of her body. Now I was very softly and gently touching her all over her body. She said "jar se kayo - ah and pressed my hand on her boobs. But I touched her very softly to tease her more. I made her to sit on the sofa and I sat down on my knees. I started licking her one leg starting from her ankle and moved towards her pussy. Kept licking her thighs and took my mouth very near to her cunt lips but skipping only the cunt I moved over to the other leg. This made her go wild and she started begging me to lick her. She said her husband never does this. But I wanted to tease her some more. I first took my tongue out to the fullest extent and placed it on her cunt. She started jumping in pleasure. She raised her hips and arched her body to offer me more of her cunt but I kept moving my head away in such a way as to just touch her cunt lips with my tongue. She was making all kind of faces but could not make noise. Now I started sucking her clit and watched her facial expressions of lust, pleasure and desire. She caught my hairs and pressed it very closed to her pussy. I inserted my tongue deep inside her hole and started making horizontal vibrations with my tongue inside her pussy lips. After sucking her cunt for 15-20 minutes and drinking her cum twice, I stood up and opened my pant buttons. She sat and pulled my pants and underwear down together. My cock sprang in open right in front of her lips. She removed her soft silky panty which was still hanging from my erect pole. She wrapped both her hands around my dick and started staring each inch it. She took the whole 6 inch in her wet and warm mouth which gave me intense pleasure.

I put one of my leg on the sofa where she was sitting and held her head very tight with both my hands and started thrusting my cock deep into her throat. She was almost choking but she liked the wildness. I kept hitting her throat deep with my shaft. I took my cock out of her mouth since I wanted it to last longer. I caught her by her hairs and made her to sit on the floor and took my balls right in front of her face. I still had one leg on the sofa which gave enough space between my legs for her face to fit and lick my balls. I was doing very wild cats which she seemed to enjoy. I started taking my shaft down her body and touching each part of her body with it. I touched it on her neck, on her boobs and finally I pointed it to where it was craving to go. Her pussy was so wet that it took just one thrust for the whole length of it to go inside. Once it was inside I started fucking like an animal. I kept digging her cunt till it started watering and became loose. When I realized I was about to cum, I stood up and again asked her to take it in the r mouth. This time I held her head even tighter and penetrated the whole length of my shaft deep inside her throat and exploded deep into her mouth. She was shocked at the wildness and enjoyed each moment of it. We just laid there on the floor for some time and then she asked me to go. While going I took her panties with me. And I still have them. After that day we met many times and had very wild sex.

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While reading some nice dick raising stories at this site, I decided to share my own sex experience with all. So here I am. I am a 24 year old Chartered Accountancy student; it was the story of my sex experience during my article ship days. During those days sealing was going on full force in Delhi and one of our client’s offices was sealed by the MCD & they have shifted their accounts department to a small residential house till the time they can arrange for any better space. Me and one of my friends used to go on audit there. In that makeshift office, there were only two accounts person (a man & a very beautiful & sexy girl Anjali, who happens to be the other accountant’s sister) and an office boy. Anjali (name changed), was quite young barely 18 or 19 years of age, doing her graduation from Delhi University through Correspondence & working part time with her brother in the accounts department of this company. She is the sexiest girl I have ever seen, might be the sexiest in this whole world. One day, I saw her wearing a very deep neck t-shirt from which her sexy assets were quite clearly visible and by the sight of this scene, my dick swung in action and got erected. While working that day, fortunately I got a chance to sit in front of Anjali for some work which she is looking after. While doing the work, her pen fell to the ground and when she knelt down to pick the same, her boobs were so sexy that I couldn’t stop myself from looking at them spell bound by their beauty, my dick was so much erected that it was clearly visible even from my trousers. At this time, Anjali looked up, me still looking at her. She looked first at my raised and then at my eyes. I thought that she would tell about it to her brother but instead she gave a nice naughty smile. This encouraged me further. But couldn’t say a word or do something because her brother & my colleague were sitting in the adjacent room. I kept quite at that time.

Now, I have started looking for an opportunity to meet her alone. Fortunately, I got this opportunity after about a week. Our Audit work has finished and our team went back to our office but due to some reports pending, I being the person living close to that place was asked to complete that of as soon as possible. That day also, she was wearing a similar type of t-shirt. Fortunately, that was the last day for some tax return and therefore, his brother had to go there to fill that up & I knew it would take him at least 4-5 hours or even more. When I reached their office in the morning, he asked him that due to the last date of the return, he has to leave to file the same to avoid penalty and asked me to sit with her sister in case of any requirement. This was the opportunity, I was looking for. I simply told him that it’s o.k. with me as not much of work is pending on my side. Now, that he has left the office, only three of us are in the office, me, Anjali & the office boy. I was sitting in the room adjacent to Anjali’s. At around 12 p.m., I sent the office boy to bring lunch for us. That day I asked him to bring lunch from a restaurant which is very far off from that place as the quality of the food there is quite good & we often used to eat food from that restaurant. Being the auditor he has to fulfill my demands. I knew that it would take him at least 2 hours to go there, get the food & come back. At about 12:10 p.m., I pretended that I have an issue & went to Anjali’s room to resolve the same. I sat right in front of her, pretending to be deeply engrossed in my file while in actual, my mind was working somewhere else. I started playing with the paper weight on her table & dropped it pretending that it was by chance that I have dropped the same.

Anjali bent down to pick up the paper weight & this was what I have been waiting for all this time, I looked straight down the neck of her t-shirt & couldn’t control my dick and a loud sound of wooooowwwwwwww came out of my mouth, she immediately looked up, my eyes still focused on those beautiful, sexiest boobs I have ever seen. First she gave a bad look as if I have done something wrong, but suddenly her expressions changed into a beautiful naughty smile, I still can’t forget that naughty smile on her face uhhhhhh…This encouraged m, I started a conversation about her, about her studies & about her future plans, but my intentions were something else & in between the conversation, I suddenly asked her about whether she has any boy friend’s to which she replied in negative. I asked how come such a sexy girl doesn’t have a boy friend. She said that as she is in correspondence, she doesn’t have to go to college & can’t meet anybody in the week days as she is with her brother working in this company. Suddenly, I don’t know what happened to me, I asked her you are such a beautiful lass anyone would die to be your boyfriend, to which she said “will you”. I wasn’t expecting this & I simply said definitely I would. She smiled. I got encouragement & I asked her can I kiss you. She wasn’t expecting any such thing from me as she & her brother used to say that I am the most sincere of the persons to visit them for the audit, she was speechless, and she couldn’t utter a word. Some chilling feeling went through me & I took her face in my hands & simply started caressing her hair & planted a kiss on her lips.

This was the first kiss so; I was pretty gentle into it. She said nothing, just smiled. This was it, it was the only indication from her side which I was waiting for, and now to I have started to caress her hair even more and started kissing her all over face & neck, now even she started to kiss me. I planted another kiss on her lips which this time is a very wet one. I started planted more such wet kisses on her face, eyes, neck and this time my started to explore her body, I gently touched her boobs from over the t-shirt, then slowly took my hand inside her t-shirt, then in her pants, I started biting her ears, neck and lips which aroused her further and even she started biting my ears. That was the limit and totally lost control over myself and got aggressive in my kissing & my touching, her nipples were erect as was my dick. At this time, I decided to take the next step & slowly started removing her t-shirt, she helped me with it by raising her hands upwards, and then I slowly removed her trousers. Now she was in front of me in her lingerie, I was spellbound by her beauty & her well toned body. I started kissing her navel and at this time, my hands slowly moved behind her back & I unhooked her bra and she slid it down from her arms. Now she was right in front of me just in her panties which I removed pretty soon. It was getting too much for me & it seems that my dick would just tear off my under-wear & trouser and would peep outside. She too understood everything & started removing my trousers, shirt & my under garments. Her nice, sexy & soft hands touching my body, my genitals etc. aroused me even further. Now I couldn’t control myself & started biting her nipples slowly, she seems to be enjoying it as was clear from her moaning aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh; she also started to bit my nipples & said that she enjoys the hair on my chest. Now I started enjoying her chute (vagina), started licking the same,

It seemed to be an untenured territory as it was hairy and the hole in the middle of it very small. Very soon we acquired position 69, me licking her chute & she sucking my Lund. Her mouth was full with my thick Lund & she was taking it further inside her. She was sucking it quite hard & I was enjoying every bit of it and she was enjoying my licking her vagina. Within a few minutes, I reached orgasm & told her that Anjali, I ammmm Cumming, even then she didn’t stopped as if she wanted to taste my cum, she grew even more aggressive, I couldn’t hold it anymore & cummed in her mouth, she took it fully & started enjoying every drop of it as was clear from her expressions. Immediately, after that my Lund returned to its normal position but she seems to want more so she started caressing my Lund again, started kissing it, rubbing it against her beautiful breasts and within a few seconds, it again started to dance to her tune. Around this time I was figure fucking her & found her G-spot, when I touched it she simply screamed aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. She immediately, put my Lund in her vagina but as she was new to it, her hole was very small & we have to put some effort to take it inside, it was going inside inch by inch and she was screaming in pain as my big fat Lund was a bit too much for her small hole. Although, she was in pain, but was still enjoying every bit of it. Soon my Lund was in her vagina & it reached her G-spot, I can see in her eyes & by her expressions that, I have reached the perfect spot & started humping her harder & harder, pretty soon, she said she is chumming but I didn’t stopped and simply told her that even I am. This time, we both cummed at around the same time, our cum mixing in her body, the feeling it gave to both of us is beyond expressions. Even she said that it was the best day of her life & she cherished every moment.

Both of us are quite tired now & decided to wear our clothes and start our work, it was around 1.15 p.m. or something. This time, I was sitting close to her rather than on the opposite side of the table, she was looking in the file, I took my face close to hers & kissed her lips again before she could sense it and I think that was the best kiss as it was a side on & that too an unplanned one. Now, she started caressing my Lund again over my trousers and I started to play with her sexy boobs over her t-short, we both got aroused pretty soon & my Lund is dancing to her tunes, now we decided to do it doggy style & removed each other’s clothes once again & I put my Lund in her sexy ass & started humping her vigorously from behind, while at the same time, pressing her boobs and that makeshift office being in a house, there was a mirror right in front of us. I could see that she is enjoying every bit of it and it was great looking you fucking the sexiest girl in this whole universe. After a while, I came in front of her & put my Lund in her chute, so that she could also reach another orgasm soon as we don’t have much time as the office would be coming back anytime now with our lunch. Within next 15-20 minutes of this we reached another orgasm. We both are pretty tired and collapsed on the floor but we didn’t had much time, so after lying there naked for five minutes or so, we got up and kissed each other’s private part one last time and immediately wore our dresses back & got back to our seats. But could not concentrate on work and I started kissing her lips every now & then and even she was enjoying those unplanned kisses. After around another 5 minutes or so around 2:20 p.m., the office boy returned back with our lunch, we were quite hungry. I asked him that why it him so long & asked him to quickly arrange the lunch for us. While arranging the lunch, he said that kya kaam bahut jaayda tha, aap log kafi thake hue lag rahe hai, to which I simply replied haan, kuch amount match nahi ho raha tha. After lunch, we started to work again but couldn’t work the whole day & we were struck on the same page the whole day. In between, whenever the office boy is not around, I would kiss Anjali and she was enjoying it too.

Group Bang in Party

Hi. My name is Hira. I am a student doing bba. I am slim 35 28 34. I had a boyfriend jamshed. He was quite notorious and was in habbits of drinking and smoking drugs. He used to say me that he is trying to get rid of these habits. We used to be in same university. I went out with be occasionally. We never had complete sex. We only had oral sex. The story i am going to tell happened to me when jamshed asked me in university that will u come to the concert along with me. We had gone to concerts before so i told him that i will ask my mom. I was also eager to go to the concert. Then i said to my mom that my all friends r going and i will stay at my friends place and come back at 5 or 6 in the morning. But i had no place to stay so i had to be with jamshed whole nite. Anyway the nite came and i started to get ready. As it was concert so i wore a white skin fitted cotton trouser and a blue t shirt. I wore black panty and bra.i could see that my panty was a bit visible from my white trousers. I did my make up. Wore high heels. I got a missed call from jamshed. I told my mom that i am going and went outside and sat in jamsheds car. In the way we started talking. He said that today we r going in a special concert. I asked him wat will be there. He said u will find out urself. We reached the venue. It was a sort of restaurant. We went inside so i saw a dance floor and many people where dancing there. I asked jamshed u said we r going to a concert. Jamshed said come on relax it is also a kind of concert. I could do nothing. Then we went and sat on the sofa. Jamshed called for a beer and asked pepsi for me. I was shocked when he called for beer. Then he kept his hand on my thighs and was softly pressing it. I was feeling it but was ignoring him. I could see many couples kissing and the environment over there was very high. Then jamshed got up and brought my pepsi and his beer. He sipped it and called for another. He was high and dancing there with other girls. I was sitting and watching him. Many guys came to be i said no. I could see the stares of boys. I was also feeling something inside me. Then jamshed came back. He was badly drunk. I was also started feeling like i had alcohol. Then jamshed came near and said come on give me a hug i said infront of so many people. Then he just kissed me on my lips. We carried on for about 10 ins. And i was getting aroused. Then we sat for a while. I turned to jamshed and saw he was sleeping. I tried to wake him up but he was not getting up. He had to many drinks. Then 4 guys came and asked wat happened. I said he drank to much and is sleeping now. They told they knew jamshed and told me that u can take him to the back there are rooms where he can sleep easy. They asked if we could help cuz i was not feeling well myself and had to carry hamza. So i said if u can help carrying jamshed. They took him i followed them. It was a clean area they took jamshed in one room i followed them and then they locked the door. I said y did u lock the door. One guy said that today i am going to do the same wat jamshed did with my girlfriend.

I asked wat did he do. Guy said he fucked my girl friend by seducing her with pills. And today i am going to do it with u. Jamshed was sleeping on the sofa without knowing watz happening to me cuz of him. Then one guy caught me from back and threw me on the bed. 2nd guy came and asked me. We r going to fuck u for sure. Now u tell u want it easy or hard. If u surrender which u have to we will be easy other wise u can understand. Now come on give me a kiss which u gave to jamshed. He came towards me and gave me a wild kiss. His tongue was almost reaching my throat and spit flowing on my cheeks. But the kiss was superb. He really made me horny. When the kiss was over i opened my eyes and saw that all the boys where naked and this was the first time i saw a penis there where 4 penis coming towards me for the first time. I was shivering but was horny. 1st guy came and removed my heels and started licking my feet. Then he pulled my legs so that i be laying on the bed. Then 2nd guy came and started pressing my boobs. 3rd one was also pressing my boobs. 4th guy was kissing me deep.then i felt a hand on my naval which was going towards my pussy. It was first time some one was touching my pussy. Everyone was making me real horny and i was having fun at that time. Then 4th guy ended the kiss and said to remover her clothes. In seconds they made me sit and 2nd guy pulled my shirt 1st guy opened the belt of the trouser and pulled it down along with my panties and then removed my bra. I was totally naked infront of 4 guys. I said plz leave me i am a virgin. The guy said that’s good atleast i had sex with my girlfriend before hamza fucked her. But i will have sex with u before jamshed. Then they again started kissing my naked body. They where biting and sucking my nipples and i saw the 4th guy spreading my legs and taking his face near my pussy. As he touched it i gave a big scream. Then the worst came and the 1st guy gave his cock in my mouth and was going deep. I was not feeling comfortable. They all had 6 7 inch cock. Then i felt something inside me and i had my second orgasm. Then the guy whose gf was fucked by jamshed came near me and said say bye to ur virginity baby.

I struggled a bit but it was of no use. Then he came over me spread my legs wide. I was very scared at that moment. I could feel his dick head on my pussy. He was rubbing it on my pussy. Then he gave a hard push and it was in. I was feeling real pain and was screaming. The other guy gave his dick in my mouth. I was in real pain at that time. I heard the guy say look at the blood man she was really a virgin. I was in between 4 beasts. 1was fucking my mouth other guy was fucking me hard. Other 2 guys where giving small painful bits on my nipples. Guy fucking me gave a loud sound and exploded inside me. And i could feel hot liquid inside me. Then 2nd guy placed his dick on my pussy and started fucking me. Then he took out his dick. Laid on the bed and made me lay on him. And then gave his dick inside my pussy and slowly started pumping. Then he started it hard. He was pumping very fast and tears where dripping over my checks. He also exploded in side me. Then the third guy made my ass high and my face on the bed in doggy style. And i felt his finger going inside my ass. I became scared and started moving and saying wat r u doing. Then the other guys came and caught me hard. Then he took hid dick towards my ass i could feel his dick head on my ass. He pushed it and it was very very painful. I was screaming loud and was almost gone mad. He kept on fucking for 10 mins. Then he discharged. Then the 4th guy came and took me to the bathroom. I took a shower and then he filled water in the bath tub and laid with me. He was pinching my nipples. Fingering my pussy and was kissing me deep. Then he took me out side where everyone was again ready for the session. Then one guy made me sit on his dick and he started pumping me. I was still feeling pain. At same time i felt my ass cheecks open. I resisted so the 2nd guy caught my hands and 3rd guy inserted his penis in my ass. I was in lot of pain. They both started pumping me furiously and i was screaming like hell. I was in deep pain and pleasure and i was fainted. Then jamshed woke me up at about 5. I was having headache and could not understand anything. I was myself dressed up and neat. I was confused whether to tell hamza or not. At that time i kept quite and headed towards home. When i reached home i went to the washroom and saw the bite marks and my pussy and ass was swelling. Then i opened my purse and saw a cd. I put that cd in the computer and saw that they had recorded the whole session. And there was a scene where hamza was mixing some thing in my pepsi. That might be the pill. Then i saw they kept on fucking me while i was fainted. I was just like a slave for them. Then they washed me and put back my shirt and trouser and took panty and bra with them self. Anyhow in the end they wrote that it was just a revenge. But it was a real nice hard fucking session.

My beautiful girlfriend

My name is Vijay and I am from Kolkata. You can mail me at This is my story of my little affair with one of my classmates in college whose name is Priya. Priya and I are friends and sometimes we sit together and chat a lot during boring lectures. We both liked each other’s company and we have also kissed on few occasions. Priya is 21 yrs and she had a dusky complexion with attractive face & has a good well maintained figure of 36-30-37. We became close to each other and then the time came when we first kissed in my car and sometimes in college secretly. For me, she was very attractive. When we were getting closer, a sudden shock came to me when she said it is not correct and she has a boyfriend. We still enjoyed talking and hanging out even when our encounter was not welcomed by Priya. As days passed, I made up my mind to ask her to meet up for a cup of coffee, she said ok. I asked her on Wednesday and we fixed the day to meet on Friday as that day my parents were leaving out of town and I would be alone for 2 days. I picked her up in my car and we went to a coffee shop. We were chatting, but she was looking so gorgeous, I could not take my eyes out of her. She saw me staring at her and bent her head down. Once again I started into the conversation to make her comfortable by asking her some stupid questions. Now I can feel her more comfortable and we started in discussion and took us 1 hour to finish the coffee. She looked her watch and sent me a signal it’s time to go home. I interrupted her and asked her to come to my place as it was afternoon only and we both didn’t feel like going to college. She agreed to come along with me. We watched TV and simultaneously we were talking about different things. Then we started to chat about sex and she confessed that she had sex with her boyfriend once. I got motivated and decided to ask, if she wants to kiss me and she agreed. This time she was comfortable. Now she laid her head on my shoulders and closed her eyes. I just dropped my free hand on her cheeks and started feeling her smooth cheeks and moved my fingers near her rosy lips, she suddenly opened her mouth and bit my finger, though it did not hurt me, I smiled back to her and lift her face and thought it was time to taste her to each and every limit. She hugged me very tight and whispered in my ears to go to my bedroom. We both in hands on each other shoulders, we made our way to my bedroom. We sat on my bed and in fact I did not like to waste a single second, so I took her face in both my hands and started to kiss from her beautiful closed eyes. This was all happening in such a speed; I guess she was prepared for it.

I planted one small kiss on each of her eyelids. Then kissed her beautiful nose tip. I was holding myself not to hurry and enjoy each and every moment. Then kissed her cheeks, oh, it was wonderful and now was the turn of her rose petal lips. My heart was pounding at great speed while I took her lower lip in my both lips and wiped my tongue on her lip. Priya was sending in shocks through my spine. I could not hold on any longer and locked my mouth with hers. I tried to taste her tongue and was greeted readily by hers as she tried to suck my tongue. The taste was really wonderful, at that moment I felt that I want Priya to be mined forever. We carried on our passionate kiss for few more minutes, and then I moved to her cute tits. I tried to feel her cute boobs from above her top. On feeling my grip on her tits, she gave out a soft moan. I got pretty excited from the looks on her face. I pulled her top up and planted a kiss on her fair cute tummy. She was in blue top and jeans. Now I took her top off and also pulled off my t-shirt. As soon as I unhooked the blouse, I could see her small cute tits trying to look beyond the beautiful bra of hers. I could not hold on longer to let myself deprived of the taste of her naked cute boobs. Darling mujhe bahut mazza aa raha hai, Zarra mere boobs ko bhi dabao na. I inserted both my hands from her back and tried to look for her bra hook. She lifted her body in order to make the things easier for me. Within a second I freed up her cute tits from her bra. Oh, the scene was driving me crazy, like I had never seen before. Her tits were very fair with a pink accent. Her beautiful nipples were fully erect to the excitement. I caressed one of her nipples with my lips and tried to make it grow more into my mouth by stimulating it with my tongue. Meanwhile, I laid my other free hand on her other nipple, trying to feel its growing dimensions. At this, Priya started moaning loudly Aaahhhhhh I started pressing and massaging Priya’s sexy boobs and she was enjoying it and was moaning. I kept tickling her senses for some time and then tried to suck her boobs one by one by trying to take all of the tasty stuff into my mouth. I played my mouth on her tits until they turned red in heat and excitement. At this stage Priya was trying to sneak her hands inside her jeans in order to reach her cunt, this indicated to me that, now is the time to give my cute Priya more. I interrupted her attempt and pulled her jeans down in no time and she was wearing a cotton panty. I think she was prepared for the excitement today. She again tried to reach her hand to her cunt, but again I interrupted and offered my services to satisfy her hot desires. I then kissed her navel and her tummy. Now I started giving Priya erotic massage with my fingers on her abdomen and over her pussy, she was giggling and moaning and said, ‘Mujhe bahut gudgudee ho rahi hai.' Now I pulled down her panty I saw that her pussy was clean shaven and then I kissed her pussy and there was an erotic odor coming from her pussy. She was really prepared herself well for the event. I could feel the wetness of her pussy lips with my hand rubbing smoothly on her cunt. My touch on her pussy sent a shiver through her and she gave out a soft moan. AHHH.

I knew this all was going to be really great. I laid her on the bed & now her lovely cute naked body was in front of me in its full glory. She was watching my eyes scanning her beautiful body. She gave a smile, got up and reached to unbutton my jeans and in one go she unzipped my jeans. I could hear her breath getting heavier and heavier as she pulled my jeans down. She got a little brave at this and pulled down my undies at once freeing up my hot erect cock. She looked into my eyes and smiled back at me. We both were naked now. She started touching my cock. I felt an electric shock at that stage, she brought her other hand and placed on my dick, her cute hands, which felt so smooth and then she planted a kiss on the bulging tip of my dick. The feeling of her lips touching my organ sent out a shivering wave in my body. With my dick in her beautiful soft hands, she asked me to lie down on the bed, which I was more than obedient to do. She knelt down between both my legs and took the bulging tip of my dick in her mouth. She licked my dick for some time. I liked the job done by her lips, so pulled her towards me in order to reward her beautiful lips by locking them with mine and let her taste my tongue. We both were now hot and excited to the limit. I made Priya lie on the bed facing the ceiling widened her legs to knelt there. I bent over her cunt in order to do what I like the most in sex. I touched her beautiful wet cunt with my tongue and she gave out a soft moan like AHHHH OHHHH. I grasped her clit between my lips and pulled my lips to let it slide over her clit. At this, she shivered and gave out a soft cry again. This made her go crazy and she was screaming in joy. She was pinching her nipples with her one hand and her other hand was on the back of my head with her cute fingers combing through my hair. I continued this for few minutes, and she gave out a loud cry in pleasure along with flooding my mouth with her sweet juices. She was shaking in pleasure and screaming loudly. I looked at her face, her eyes were closed and there was a beautiful smile on her face. She was still enjoying her first orgasm. She was looking so beautiful, sexy and appealing at that time.

I got over her and hugged her tightly and sucked her lips. She responded so as to reward me for the good work. I got in the field again and asked her to bend her legs on knees, and lift her hips. I pushed a pillow under her buttocks so as to lift her cunt to the height of my dick while I knelt. I opened the packet of condom and slipped it through my dick seeing this Priya gave me a naughty smile. I kept rubbing my dick on her cunt for sometime so as to wet it with her sweet juices thoroughly. She liked it and motivated me by her soft moaning. I got excited at her moans and tried to push my dick inside her cunt, but in vain the tip of my dick tried to find a little space for itself to adjust in but this made Priya cry in pain and she tried to resist the insertion. I gave up this attempt and tried to finger fuck her little tight pussy for a while. I tried to push my finger inside her and kept rubbing her pussy with my other hand. Next moment I pressed my cock on her pussy and pushed it inside with a thrust by inserting my cock in her pussy and she moaned loudly aaaaaahhhhhh. She kept her legs wrapped around my waist and I was now pumping in full force and so her moan were louder, ooohhhhh fucccckkkkkkk! Her face had turned red, but I did not stop and continued fucking her. I made sure that I don’t ejaculate very early. Now I felt that my sperm was boiling inside my penis very badly and I increased my speed and Priya was making sexy screams and I felt that I was unable to hold my sperms inside my cock and I took my penis out and I spurted out tons of sperms inside the condom and few drops felt on Priya’s tummy. We now fell into each other’s arms and we were breathing heavily. I kissed her rosy lips and she kissed me back. We got up from the bed and I led her to bathroom to wash.

Came back from the bathroom and in to the room naked. Priya said, ‘Darling let me tell you one thing, though I have a boyfriend, but I feel that you and me are made for each other.' As soon as she came near me, I pulled her and made her sit on my lap while we were talking dirty things. Her sexy ass pressing on my limp cock made it rise again to its full glory. She was enjoying the bulge of my cock against her ass cheeks. While we were talking, we kept kissing each other on lips, neck. I licked her ear lobes and she was turning hot again. We kept this foreplay go on for some time. As both of us were excited again to the limit. This time, I wanted to try a new position. I lay down on bed and made her stand on the bed with her legs wide open besides my legs. I asked her to sit slowly and carefully made her pussy rest on my dick. I inserted my cock in her pussy and she moaned loudly aaaaaahhhhhh and I caught Priya’s soft ass in my hands tightly and Priya started riding over me and I was caressing her ass erotically and she was riding up and down in a very sexy way and was moaning, ahhhhhhhhhhh. My dick was fully inserted into her cunt. She started shaking her body up and down to make her pussy walls rub on my cock. It wasn't much difficult for me to hold her on as she was not much heavy in weight in the same position. I fucked her in the same position for some time and she was in her full heat and jumping like a mad on my cock. She was screaming in excitement and her sexy moans were driving me crazy and I was enjoying her pussy walls rubbing on my dick. Soon, she had her third orgasm, and was shaking in my lap. She closed her eyes in pleasure. I hugged her tightly so as to feel the vibrations of her body. While she was enjoying her orgasm. I laid her on the bed, she was having a very good time, as she was smiling and laughing while looking into my eyes. I was kissing her lips and tits again and again. We rested and then again I sat on the bed and made Priya sit on my lap facing me with her legs kept over my thighs so that I could embrace her in my arms, kiss her lips and caress her boobs. Now with my cock inserted in her pussy and I was holding her hips tightly in my hands and started pumping slowly and kissed and pressed her boobs and now Priya started moving her hips sexily and was moaning aammmmm, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh and we were caressing each others body like anything and I asked her,' Priya darling r u enjoying? She was so sexually excited that she kissed my lips continuously for 10 minutes. Priya was shaking her hips in a very sexy manner and seeing this my cock was getting charged up inside her pussy. My sperm was boiling again and I asked her to get over me without taking out my dick from her enclosure. Now I was lying on bed and she was jumping on my dick again. Soon I reached the limit and this time I spurted inside her pussy. She continued and did not stop even my dick calmed down. After some time we reached normalcy and She collapsed on my body. Both of us were very tired and exhausted and remained like that for long time.

After that moment we were talked dirty things for sometime still naked. We lie on bed for 15 mins. Talking to each other and then decided to go for a bath. I brushed my lips softly on Priya’s lips and told her that I will do something to her pussy that will give her real pleasure. So with my erotic finger I started tickling her pussy and clitoris and she was moaning with great pleasure, 'aaaaaaaahhh, uuuuumm, bahut mazza aa raha hai darling, mere choot mein kuch kuch ho raha hai'. Priya told me that she wanted to pee due to my stimulating her pussy, she sat down to pee. While she was pissing I touched her urine and saw that her urine was hot. We bathed and Priya started kissing my penis and now she with her long fingernails started tickling and stimulating the area below my penis and my testicles, aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh I loved it and as a result I was hard again. We had one more oral session and came out. We both got dressed sat next to each other. She kept her head on my shoulders and said she had a great time and would like to have few more times. It was getting late and she said she has to leave now. We hugged each other and promised her what ever happened will be in between us in secrecy. Then I went to drop Priya home. I asked her, 'Priya darling r u satisfied?' She said, 'Yes honey' and then came near me kissed and she left. I had been to her place few times and she had come to my place few times and had a great time, which I will never forget. All the woman from Kolkata can contact me and write to me. I will wait for all your replies and respond back to you. Thanks for taking of your time and reading this long story. You can send comments to Your comments are well appreciated.

A Bus Story

This one happened while I was working at an office in Mumbai. It was the month of September and I got late in the office. As I left it was already around 8 and I took a bus as usual starting from Mulund to Adhere. As I caught the bus from the main stop, I usually got a seat every time. That time too, it was a nearly empty bus and I sat on the second seat from the left. At the next stop, a few more people boarded the bus and as I was sitting, watching that market from the window I felt as someone has sat on my right. As I looked on my right, adjusting herself was a beautiful lady, maybe around 40 years of age. She was in a sari and sleeveless maroon blouse. She had big eyes, round face and quite not-so- very heavy structure but she surely was full, full of mass on those right spots. I still remember that scent of her perfume which was very nice. She had a few bags in her hands as I could get that she must’ve come after having some shopping from the market. I still remember those eyes which looked at me asking for some more space as she was trying to adjust herself and her bags. I zestfully responded by giving her way till she sat comfortable. As I was still watching outside from the window, I couldn’t resist the temptation of having a look frequently on my right so as to have a look on those lovely arms which seemed smooth and were all visible till her armpits. As and whenever I looked at her, she always seemed to nearly do the same. I don’t know what happened to me, wanted to feel at least a slight touch of her arms. I slowly stretched the sleeves of my half sleeve shirt a further up and moved it a bit so as to feel just a touch of her arm on mine. And it did, soon I felt that soothing touch on my right arm. It gave me a very arousing feel and I was lost again in those waves of ecstasy. Now I wanted to explore more of her body with my eyes. I started looking on her thighs and those creases created on the sari by the fullness of her thighs made me go red. I could sense my cock getting harder and harder smelling the scent of her body. Now the conductor came for collection and this was the time I felt I could touch her. I had kept money in my shirts pocket but I still intended to put my hand on the back pocket of my trouser as I knew this was the way I could feel her thighs. As I moved my hand towards my back pocket, I deliberately touched her thigh and as I was deliberately trying to pull something from my pocket, I touched the side of her soft buttock. My word, it was such a nice feeling.

After getting the ticket, I again preferred to put it in my back pocket again and repeated the same thing. This time i prolonged my work and touched her for larger time with my fingers. To my surprise, as I looked at her she was looking directly into my eyes and with a very magnificent smile, maybe she must’ve read my naughty thoughts. The bus was still less than half full. Now I was wondering as to how should I start again as that smile of hers had given me some encouragement to act. Now this time I started by scratching my right arm with my hand and obviously feeling her softness on the back of my hand now. Feeling no resentment from her, I continued to touch her slowly (as if accidentally) with my fingers. I started feeling that she too started liking it. With my heart in my mouth, I simply placed my hand on her thigh. These horny feelings had now got over my decency and only some resentment from her could have made me normal, nothing else. But as my good luck had it, she simply ignored what I did and instead started hiding my hand under her shopping bags. Now, I had a sigh - of relief as well as sex. Now, it was my hand which was doing everything. I moved a further up and placed my hand over her boobs. Gosh, they were really big. I started pressing them gently. Going faster and faster sometimes. I started doing it continuously, stopping only at the bus stops as some people used to move up and down the bus at that time. But luckily, the bus never got full and there was no one standing in the bus. So I was able to do whatever I could have at least in the bus. I sometimes pressed her smooth tummy with my hand, mostly concentrating on those great boobs. I was trying to find those nipples from within the blouse with my fingers. Now I was getting faster and faster and to add to the fire she slowly whispered to me “Zorn Se” …

Now I was pressing them as hard and fast as I could and as I looked at her, she had closed her eyes and was breathing a bit heavily. One of her shopping bag even slipped from her hand in that moment of sensuality. She too started to lose her senses and I could see her moving her thighs apart as she wanted my hand in there. She gave me the way by moving the bags in her hands as she was opening her thighs at the same time. I put my hand in there and started pressing it harder and harder. Now she was breathing heavily and her face had gone red. Within no time my stop of into came and I had to leave the bus now. As I started looking through the main frame of the bus, she could have understood that I’ve to leave now but before I could, she herself stood up and started moving towards the front gate. I too followed her and as she was standing near the gate, waiting for the bus to stop me softly touched her ass from behind with my cock which was bulging out from within my trousers. She turned her head towards me; her eyes were heavy and were begging to get something. As we left the bus, I went to her; this was the first time I spoke to her. (Isn’t it a tyranny that u r speaking for the first time to a person with whom u were enjoying, and enjoying to the fullest.). Anyways, I asked her about where she had to go, to my disbelief she told me that she had to leave at sarojini nagar only. And when I asked her as to y she remained in the bus till into, she gave me a naughty smile (actually I myself knew that she enjoyed the time in the bus a lot and that’s y she left her stop very far). Now I thought it was the time to have one of my fantasies fulfilled where I make love with a middle aged woman, with full and heavy boobs. I live alone in a rented house in laxmi nagar. I offered her to come with me. After some little hesitation she agreed.

We boarded an auto from into and in the auto too I was massaging her bosom and she was kissing hard on my neck. We reached at my place soon as both of us entered my house. There were no raised eyebrows in the locality as that woman looked very gentle and older and obviously it looked as if some elder from my family had come to see me. So no one made any notice of us. Even my landlord (who is a lady too) wished her smilingly, mistaking her as some of my relatives. Anyways, it was all good for me as both of us entered the room. She sat on the chair looking at the walls and that anticipation of having nice time in her eyes too. She was a bit hurrying too as she has to go to his house and it was already around 9:15 but she still was a bit relieved too as she had come after attending a wedding ceremony and had not that problem in staying out a bit late. I locked my room from inside. This was the first time that I looked at her clearly under a bright light. She was not that very beautiful, but had quite heavy boobs and buttocks and I love them most. I put on my TV loud so as to stop any sound from going out. I slowly moved towards her, picked her by her hand and made her sit on the edge of my bed. I dropped her sari from her shoulder. Slowly started undoing the hooks of her blouse. I removed it out. She was in a black colored bra as I unhooked that too with my hands. Now she was sitting on my bed with those nice huge boobs hanging in front of me. I moved a bit back so as to see those nice huge balls. I just loved that sight. She was sitting there, unmoved, with her eyes closed and anticipating me to come closer to her. I was wearing shirt and jeans. As she was gazing at me wanting to be touched, I unzipped my jeans, pulled out my dick which had grown full and hard. I moved towards her, grabbed both of her boobs in my hands and put my dick in between her boobs while pressing them hard against each other with my dick in between those beautiful balls. She started to moan with pleasure and wrapped her arms around me, grabbing my buttocks with her hands. I started jerking harder and harder in her boobs. My dick’s head was sometimes touching her chin from beneath as I was pressing it harder and harder in those boobs. I enjoyed it to the fullest till she told me to put it in her pussy. But before doing that I asked her if she could have it in her mouth.

She was willing for everything at that time and grabbed my cock with her hand and put it very nicely into her mouth. Now I was flicking like a leaf. This was the first time that someone had done that to me. She started sucking it harder and harder. Licked its head by the tip of her tongue. God that was the only time I’d had oral sex and I can never forget that. After some time, I made her rest on the bed. Had her petticoat removed as she was lying there, all naked with those huge thighs and buttocks waiting for me to enter. I came over her, separated her legs as the pussy was quite visible and waiting for to be entered now. She pressed me hard against her as I placed my dick over her pussy gate. I started to give jerks and slowly and gently it was entering inside her pussy. I loved those pleasurable sounds of hers as she was moaning in that beautiful pain. Soon, it was all in and I was jerking harder and harder. She grabbed me very hard and was kissing me everywhere. As I ejaculated inside her pussy, she kissed me so tightly that I had that scar on my neck for 3 weeks. It was very pleasurable but I still wanted to have it in there in her asshole. I told her about it but as she looked at the clock, it was 11 p.m and told me that we can have it next time. As we were putting the clothes on, she was constantly kissing me and urging me to meet her again. Wasn’t it something out of belief that u r caressing someone so passionately that u had not even seen 3 hours before? I dropped her at sarojini nagar in the auto with the promise that I’ll meet her again. This was just one of the episodes of my life. Will sometimes try to write about the other which was great from their own point of view. Ladies in and around Mumbai interested in Maintaining the Sex relationship can write me at

Kavita from the apartment complex

Hi I'm guru raj .and I'm from Chennai. I am 24 years and e mail id ( story when im stay in Puna for one year my course. And i have hire apartment. Which is so far the tallest in our area? I live here with my one friend. There was a lady just in front of my apartment I live in the 7th floor and just opposite to my apartment was another apartment. From my bedroom verandah I could clearly see the bathroom of the opposite flat. This lady used to come for a bath everyday near about 11 AM. This lady was about 37-39 yrs of age. Her name was Kavita. I never used to talk to her but though she is our neighbor I used to sometimes smile at her whenever we used to meet each other downstairs or at any function. She had no kids and her husband was working in a company and had to go out for tour at least 10-15 days a month. She was really very attractive and sexy. She was 36-30-36; she had round cup shaped boobs and a soft and round ass. She was more on the fairer side and had a very Indian feature. She had long brown hair and a round face and long neck, which was really very sexy. It was Saturday morning! My friend gone his tour, so im alone that day I was really getting bugged up that day cause no one was at home and I had nothing to do. Well I then switched on to some music J LO (Jennifer Lopez) and was listening with a blasting sound. By the time I had called up few friends and was talking to them, it was about 10 AM and I thought of taking a bath and get refreshed because I was feeling very clumsy. I took my bath and came out naked cause no one was at home and I was a free bird, slowly took my towel around my waist went towards the verandah I was dripping that time with water and was looking really cool and my muscles bulging out. As I went there my eyes feel on the Kavita aunt's bathroom.

I kept staring at there for few minutes and saw her entering her bathroom wearing a yellow colored saree. I kept staring at her (I mean her boobs) then she slowly kept the towel on the racks and started to open her saree, she didn't knew that someone was watching her from the next apartment. Anyway she opened her saree fully and she was standing there with her blouse and petty-coat, it was also yellow. Then without seeing left or right she went on to open her blouse even.... slowly unbuttoning it she reveal her bra fitted boobs...and gradually she even opened her bra then her petty-coat then her panty.... and my cock was in full charge, very firm and hard. I was really very aroused.... and my hands slowly went towards my cock I kept on rubbing my cock and suddenly while taking a bath she spotted me massaging my cock and staring at her with my thirsty eyes. Seeing that I was really frightened I thought now she miga complain 2 apartment member and I am gone......but hey you won't believe she came more close towards the window and gave me a sweet smile that too in a naked position i was really thrilled even I replied her with a smile then she showing her hands she called me to her house I was having goose-bumps on my entire body and then I reacted to her answer and showed her the sign that I am coming. I quickly worked my dress and locked my house and went to her apartment within 15 minutes I was at her place. As I rang the bell she opened the door.... wow! She was looking very sexxxy.

She said "please come in”, I said “thank you". She made me sit on the sofa and she sat just opposite me. I asked her that where is your husband she told that he has gone out for some work and will be returning 3 days later. I was thinking wow! What a golden opportunity to fuck her. She was wearing a blue colored saree below her deep navel and her hair was still wet. And her boobs were bulging seems that she hadn't worn her bra that time. She then suddenly asked me..."to tumhe aaj kaisa laaga mujhe nahate huye?"....I was thrilled to hear this question...stammering away I said “acha acha tha"....she said “aur mujhe nanga dekh kar tumhe kaisa laga?"...I gained some confidence by that time and told her firmly...."woh bhi acha tha"...she said "kiya tum woh phir se dekhna chahate ho"...i said," sure...kyon nahi" She got up and went towards the door and locked the main entrance....returning back to me she sat beside me and said " kya tummujhe chodonge"....I was mummer for a moment...then she again said... "Please....mujhe husband doesn’t satisfy me much...i am desperate to get fucked by you.... I see u everyday...but couldn't tell cause u are too young than me and god knows what will u think if I come with such a today i got the right opportunity to ask u....kya tum mujhe chodonge"...i said "ok fine"...i was feeling really very horny by that time...cause this was my first experience. She slowly came close to me and put his hand on my lap and then she kissed me on my lips. I was really freaking out.

She slowly started unbuttoning my shirt...and then I pulled her towards me...and then I started kissing her intensely....We both were pushing each other tongues in each other’s mouth and exchanging saliva....she really enjoyed my was done very passionately...we kissed for 5 minutes...and made her stood up....mind it this all thing is happening in the sitting room....beside the sofa. I slowly unwind her saree...and she was standing with her blouse and petty-coat on. I took her on my lap and headed towards the she guided me through....i threw her on the bed. I opened my shirt and wearing only my trousers I leaned on her...and started to kiss her passionately on her neck , cheeks ,lips and then her deep sexy navel it's looks like a little cunt I kiss there for 2 minutes? I then unbuttoned her blouse slowly and as I opened the boobs were visible...she weren't wearing any bra what a terrific boobs she was fully white in color and her nipple were light brown and the boobs were very big. i sucked her nipple and pressed it I heard her moaning slowly and raj....mat choron mujhe...ahh aur chooso I then went down and untied her petty-coat slowly pulling it down I saw her dangerous valley of love....she didn't wore any panty .I pulled it down fully and now I stepped back and saw her sleeping in front of me fully naked and panting away....she gave a very sexy smile to me...n said "ye badan ab sirf tumhara mein ab sirf tumhara raj karna hai karo..."...

I slowly opened my pants and then my I opened my cock stood up like a rocket as if it trying to get out for a long time....we both wear naked under the day was about 12:30 PM...and we both are enjoying our life. Her vagina was very nice. I came towards her and put my head between her thighs and folded her legs for better grip....I smelled the pussy juice for the first was tremendous... I still cannot forget it.I took my mouth and started licking it...with my hands I parted the pussy walls....and I could see wetness inside I started to lick her pussy...she again started to moan this time it was more louder.aahhh lick it harder..then I slowly stood up...and pulled her towards me...and told her to suck my big cock...without wasting anytime she held my cock with her right hand...and started to stroke it...and then she took it in her mouth as she was stroking as she was sucking it too.... I was feeling that I was in the it was very eyes was half shut and I was enjoying her sucking...then I was going to cum...i told her about it...she told to cum it on her mouth...I then held my cock with my hand...and then spilt it all over her mouth and face , her face was full with my sperm...few of it was dripping out of her mouth even...she drank it all...and asked for more...she again started to suck my penis...this time with extra force...soon after I regained my stiffness and she told me softly..."abb too mera choot mein apna laura ghusa..."...I told her to be in the doggy style and I was behind her...I took my cock in the hand and inserted it from

behind...she shouted a bit in the beginning as I entered but later as it went inside it was ok for her...I held her butts with both my hands...and her boobs were hanging ownwards...I slowly I started to do in and out....oooooooo guru raj Fuck me harder....chodo mere ko....aaahhhhh. I am a whore Fuck me harder,..... I want to die.... go on Fucking...aaahhhh I went on pumping my huge cock inside her she went on moaning...then we changed the positions... I laid down on the bed...and she came upon me.I was between her legs...and she took my cock and inserted in her pussy...and then she leaned in front of me...and started to jerk herself....her boobs were dancing away...I caught both her boobs with my both hands...and slowly started to massage it...and she went on ridding her pussy on me...and went on moaning.....uuuuuuuummmmmmmmm.. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh..her hairs was falling over my face...and pressing her boobs..she was really enjoying her ride on my penis....then I was going to cum again...I told her....and she again wanted to take inside her mouth...I pulled her back... I stood up by the bed...and poured my hot cum inside her mouth....and she was really enjoying this....she swallowed every bit of it and looked towards me....she wanted to have a bath we both went towards the bathroom...and opened the shower and was kissing each other very passionately....then I licked her pussy again in the bathroom... and she even sucked my cock...we had sex 3 times that day....until it was 3 pm... we slept in each other arms... and I left that day early cause every body was supposed to be back home soon...but I promised Kavita aunty to fuck her again...and we did it too...when ever her husband was out for work....I used to have sex with her...I had sex with her many time...