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Hi. My name is Hira. I am a student doing bba. I am slim 35 28 34. I had a boyfriend jamshed. He was quite notorious and was in habbits of drinking and smoking drugs. He used to say me that he is trying to get rid of these habits. We used to be in same university. I went out with be occasionally. We never had complete sex. We only had oral sex. The story i am going to tell happened to me when jamshed asked me in university that will u come to the concert along with me. We had gone to concerts before so i told him that i will ask my mom. I was also eager to go to the concert. Then i said to my mom that my all friends r going and i will stay at my friends place and come back at 5 or 6 in the morning. But i had no place to stay so i had to be with jamshed whole nite. Anyway the nite came and i started to get ready. As it was concert so i wore a white skin fitted cotton trouser and a blue t shirt. I wore black panty and bra.i could see that my panty was a bit visible from my white trousers. I did my make up. Wore high heels. I got a missed call from jamshed. I told my mom that i am going and went outside and sat in jamsheds car. In the way we started talking. He said that today we r going in a special concert. I asked him wat will be there. He said u will find out urself. We reached the venue. It was a sort of restaurant. We went inside so i saw a dance floor and many people where dancing there. I asked jamshed u said we r going to a concert. Jamshed said come on relax it is also a kind of concert. I could do nothing. Then we went and sat on the sofa. Jamshed called for a beer and asked pepsi for me. I was shocked when he called for beer. Then he kept his hand on my thighs and was softly pressing it. I was feeling it but was ignoring him. I could see many couples kissing and the environment over there was very high. Then jamshed got up and brought my pepsi and his beer. He sipped it and called for another. He was high and dancing there with other girls. I was sitting and watching him. Many guys came to be i said no. I could see the stares of boys. I was also feeling something inside me. Then jamshed came back. He was badly drunk. I was also started feeling like i had alcohol. Then jamshed came near and said come on give me a hug i said infront of so many people. Then he just kissed me on my lips. We carried on for about 10 ins. And i was getting aroused. Then we sat for a while. I turned to jamshed and saw he was sleeping. I tried to wake him up but he was not getting up. He had to many drinks. Then 4 guys came and asked wat happened. I said he drank to much and is sleeping now. They told they knew jamshed and told me that u can take him to the back there are rooms where he can sleep easy. They asked if we could help cuz i was not feeling well myself and had to carry hamza. So i said if u can help carrying jamshed. They took him i followed them. It was a clean area they took jamshed in one room i followed them and then they locked the door. I said y did u lock the door. One guy said that today i am going to do the same wat jamshed did with my girlfriend.

I asked wat did he do. Guy said he fucked my girl friend by seducing her with pills. And today i am going to do it with u. Jamshed was sleeping on the sofa without knowing watz happening to me cuz of him. Then one guy caught me from back and threw me on the bed. 2nd guy came and asked me. We r going to fuck u for sure. Now u tell u want it easy or hard. If u surrender which u have to we will be easy other wise u can understand. Now come on give me a kiss which u gave to jamshed. He came towards me and gave me a wild kiss. His tongue was almost reaching my throat and spit flowing on my cheeks. But the kiss was superb. He really made me horny. When the kiss was over i opened my eyes and saw that all the boys where naked and this was the first time i saw a penis there where 4 penis coming towards me for the first time. I was shivering but was horny. 1st guy came and removed my heels and started licking my feet. Then he pulled my legs so that i be laying on the bed. Then 2nd guy came and started pressing my boobs. 3rd one was also pressing my boobs. 4th guy was kissing me deep.then i felt a hand on my naval which was going towards my pussy. It was first time some one was touching my pussy. Everyone was making me real horny and i was having fun at that time. Then 4th guy ended the kiss and said to remover her clothes. In seconds they made me sit and 2nd guy pulled my shirt 1st guy opened the belt of the trouser and pulled it down along with my panties and then removed my bra. I was totally naked infront of 4 guys. I said plz leave me i am a virgin. The guy said that’s good atleast i had sex with my girlfriend before hamza fucked her. But i will have sex with u before jamshed. Then they again started kissing my naked body. They where biting and sucking my nipples and i saw the 4th guy spreading my legs and taking his face near my pussy. As he touched it i gave a big scream. Then the worst came and the 1st guy gave his cock in my mouth and was going deep. I was not feeling comfortable. They all had 6 7 inch cock. Then i felt something inside me and i had my second orgasm. Then the guy whose gf was fucked by jamshed came near me and said say bye to ur virginity baby.

I struggled a bit but it was of no use. Then he came over me spread my legs wide. I was very scared at that moment. I could feel his dick head on my pussy. He was rubbing it on my pussy. Then he gave a hard push and it was in. I was feeling real pain and was screaming. The other guy gave his dick in my mouth. I was in real pain at that time. I heard the guy say look at the blood man she was really a virgin. I was in between 4 beasts. 1was fucking my mouth other guy was fucking me hard. Other 2 guys where giving small painful bits on my nipples. Guy fucking me gave a loud sound and exploded inside me. And i could feel hot liquid inside me. Then 2nd guy placed his dick on my pussy and started fucking me. Then he took out his dick. Laid on the bed and made me lay on him. And then gave his dick inside my pussy and slowly started pumping. Then he started it hard. He was pumping very fast and tears where dripping over my checks. He also exploded in side me. Then the third guy made my ass high and my face on the bed in doggy style. And i felt his finger going inside my ass. I became scared and started moving and saying wat r u doing. Then the other guys came and caught me hard. Then he took hid dick towards my ass i could feel his dick head on my ass. He pushed it and it was very very painful. I was screaming loud and was almost gone mad. He kept on fucking for 10 mins. Then he discharged. Then the 4th guy came and took me to the bathroom. I took a shower and then he filled water in the bath tub and laid with me. He was pinching my nipples. Fingering my pussy and was kissing me deep. Then he took me out side where everyone was again ready for the session. Then one guy made me sit on his dick and he started pumping me. I was still feeling pain. At same time i felt my ass cheecks open. I resisted so the 2nd guy caught my hands and 3rd guy inserted his penis in my ass. I was in lot of pain. They both started pumping me furiously and i was screaming like hell. I was in deep pain and pleasure and i was fainted. Then jamshed woke me up at about 5. I was having headache and could not understand anything. I was myself dressed up and neat. I was confused whether to tell hamza or not. At that time i kept quite and headed towards home. When i reached home i went to the washroom and saw the bite marks and my pussy and ass was swelling. Then i opened my purse and saw a cd. I put that cd in the computer and saw that they had recorded the whole session. And there was a scene where hamza was mixing some thing in my pepsi. That might be the pill. Then i saw they kept on fucking me while i was fainted. I was just like a slave for them. Then they washed me and put back my shirt and trouser and took panty and bra with them self. Anyhow in the end they wrote that it was just a revenge. But it was a real nice hard fucking session.


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