Trip to India

Hi I like to tell u of my experience some time ago...I was 20 and went to India after my exam from UK. I went to my aunt's house who is an identical twin of my mother and she has a 18 year old girl called rupa. My aunt was a widow, my uncle passed away after a car accident. Well, let me tell u what happened. I stayed for 8 weeks here these are just the couple of days of that.

I arrived in India in the early hours of Sunday, my aunt was there at the airport to collect me. I was given a bed rupa's room where I drifted off to sleep. Next day when I woke up rupa was not in bed I looked at my watch and saw it was 12 noon. My aunt saw me coming out of the room and good morning and said if I get ready she will prepare lunch. I had a shower and felt refreshed and I put a pair of jeans and a T-shirt on. My aunt looked at me and said I have grown into a handsome young man. Few minutes later rupa walked in carrying some shopping I got up and gave a big hug, she had grown into a nicely shaped girl like my aunt. she had a pair of jeans and a T-shirt on. Well, we had our lunch and were sitting watching TV when I said that I have some presents for u. I got the presents and sat down between my aunt and rupa. First, I gave some jeans and some T-shirts to rupa, then I gave some jeans and T-shirts to my aunt. She looked surprise and I asked if anything wrong with jeans. She told me she never wore such clothes, I told her mum wore them all the time so she should as well, rupa agreed with me.

Then I had brought some makeup stuff for aunt and rupa. Then I said mum told me to give this to you only aunt, but as I was giving it to my aunt rupa snatched it from my hands and opened the box. Inside rupa pulled a vibrator out I realized what it was and so did my aunt but rupa seem amused to what it could be, rupa turned the knob and it started to vibrate, I started to lol as did my aunt. Rupa still had no idea what it was so I told rupa to put it away. She asked what it was I turned to my aunt for a reply so I managed to say it was a gimmick toy that massages. Which she believed me, then also from the box she pulled some lingerie out which was meant to be for my aunt. Rupa and my aunt's faces went red when they saw the items they were sexy, but I had seen and touched my mother's underwear before at home. Rupa quickly put everything back in box. I told them to go and try the jeans on. Both of them went into their bedroom to change. Rupa came out first she was very pleased as the items were of a designer label, aunt came out reluctantly but she looks just like mum. She did not look comfortable. We managed to ask her to wear them for a while she will get used to it. After a while rupa suggested we go to the beach, Aunt was going to change but we managed to drag her out as she was. As we were walking down the street I could sense people gazing my aunt's chest as her breasts were large and showed very well in the T-shirt. We got a rickshaw, I got in first then rupa then my aunt. My aunt asked rupa to sit on her lap as it was squashed.

I said she can sit on mine. Rupa sat on mine as my aunt also had a bag in her lap. I held rupa with my arm round her waist too keep her steady, I could feel my self getting hard. As we went along rupa placed an arm around my shoulder to keep herself steady and was now sitting on my dick. Well I was glad we soon arrived at the beach otherwise I would have come in my jeans. We wondered about the beach till late and ate before going back. We took th rickshaw again and rupa sat on my lap again but this time on my crouch. I got hard again and I knew she was enjoying it. I move my arm to my crouch to adjust my cock and gave her ass a good feel. As soon a we arrived home I went to the loo to relive my self. We watched TV and then rupa went and got changed into her night dress, and so did my aunt. When rupa came back she looked simple but nice, I see her breast moving freely under her gown and could also faintly see her pubes as a dark outline. I got up to get changed also and I put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, as I was leaving the room I saw rupas clothes and there lying there was her bra and knickers. I picked her knickers up and they felt wet, I then smelt them. My aunt returned with some milk she was also in a white gown, and her tits moved freely too. I also wondered if she was wearing anything underneath. Rupa finished her milk as kissed my aunt good night then she kissed me, as she did I bush my hand on her breast. She had school to go to the next day. My aunt only had to go into work for a couple of hours in the afternoon . My aunt and I chatted for a good hour before she got up and said that we should go to sleep. I got up as I was going, she asked me to wait then she came to me and kissed me lightly on the lips. She said we always give kiss goodnight to each other in the house. I had hard time going to sleep I could not believe all the things that happened during the day.

By the time I got up rupa was gone I went into the kitchen and saw my aunt there she smiled and came to me and said morning and gave me another kiss. We had tea together and I was seeing my aunt differently it seemed that she had a crush on me. After I had tea, my aunt went for a bath, she came out with her peticote on and a towel round her shoulders. She said I could go know and have a bath, I finished my bath and was going to my room when my aunt called for me. I went to her room, I only had a towel round my waist. She had combed her hair and she asked if I would adjust the straps on her bra. My hands were shaking as I did this, I could not see her chest as she had it covered but then as I finished, she turned and said my mum had nice taste as she removed her hand to show me. I just stood there with my mouth open not knowing what to say or do. She asked me If I liked it I just nodded my head. She took my hand and told me to feel the fabric, how soft it was, she then placed her hand on my cock and said you seem to approve and gave me a squeeze. I could not stand any more I just fell back on the bed, my towel became loose and my cock came out of hiding. My aunts said wow.... That's big....she asked me if I had sex before I just nodded no then she asked if I had seen and touched any girls breast, I nodded and said only through their clothes. She then straddled me and undid her bra I just took each one and squeezed them, she pushed my mouth to one of her nipples and I sucked on them, she then pushed me down on the bed and pulled her petticoat up and straddled my cock and slowly pushed it into her. I could feel the warmth and wetness on my cock. I felt my self explode inside of her. She just kissed me full on the lips and she forced her tongue into me. We kissed for a while I soon became hard again. My aunt continued to rock gently on my cock, I could see and feel the intense orgasm of hers. She just erupted too one big cry hhhhhh ...ohhhhh... Yeahhh.........thats it baby...........make ur aunty happy................ aaaahhhhhhhhhh.... She slumped down to my chest and said thank you I needed that for a long time. My Aunt went for another bath, I got up and followed her, she felt a bit embarrassed but I gave her another kiss I then asked her if I could bathe with her. She did not respond so I turned the shower on and rubbed soap onto her chest. I went to undo her petticoat but she pushed my hands away. I told her that she had seen me to I should see her naked. She nodded her head. I undid the string and pulled it down to reveal the matching G-string slowly pulled that down too to see her pussy in full glory. I gave her a kiss there before getting up. I told her she was beautiful.. She then started rubbing soap over me. We then dried each other and I watched my aunt get ready for work. She told me not to say anything of this to rupa, as she went to work. I got dressed and waited for my aunt to return from work. When she came back from work she was all sweaty from her walk. I brought some cold water for her. She then said she was going to change her clothes. She went into her room and I followed after a while she had just unwrapped her sari from her and was in her petticoat and blouse. She then undid her blouse and turned away from me she tried to pull her blouse off but was having trouble. She then asked me to pull the sleeve off. I tried but it was stuck.

She told me the heat had made her body swell up just that bit that's why it's hard to remove. But we managed after a while to slowly remove her blouse. The bra she had on was not as good as she had on in the morning. She must have sensed my displeasure and asked what's wrong. I told her bra was not sexy. I then added mum would never wear anything like that. So she then asked me if I had seen my mum naked I said no only seen her in a bikini when we go on holiday. She seemed surprised. Then she pulled her knickers off from underneath her petticoat. And threw them too me. She said are these OK ....... I nodded no she just lol at me then told me to go and get a bra and knickers from the draw behind me. I looked through the draw but did not see anything nice they all seemed the same, she lol at me and said do you not like any of them I just nodded no. she then took a red and yellow sari out and proceeded to wear the blouse with out a bra. I was surprised be her actions. Then she put a matching petticoat on then started wearing the sari. Just the thought of her naked under the sari was giving me wild thoughts. She then said let go to the market to do some shopping, we picked up the vegetable for dinner and then my aunt took me to this shop in an alleyway. Once I entered I realized it was a lingerie shop. My aunt asked me if I saw anything nice then. I just felt embarrassed. The girl came and asked what type we were looking for. I aunt just said something lacy and sexy. My face just turned red. My aunt took a couple out I just nodded yes or no, too embarrassed to say anything.

We found 3 set that my aunt brought. We got home and rupa was there with her friend we said hello and chatted, while aunt got the food ready. We had our dinner and watched TV for a while before rupa returned in her gown and said she was going to sleep I gave her a kiss slightly on the mouth and I rubbed my hand on her bottom as we kissed. We both chatted for a couple of hours before my aunt said we should sleep she came to kiss me I just pulled he closer and she fell onto me. We kissed for some time before breaking the kiss and said we should sleep you need to build your energy up.


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